Immerse yourself in the splendour of Britannia’s line of exciting range cookers, with the contemporary style of the Delphi collection, the majesty of the Fleet models and the allure of the Q Line and Wyre ranges.


Available in single or double oven configurations, Britannia’s flagship Delphi range cookers feature ultra-modern styling with straight, clean lines showcasing a minimalist design that will appeal to many. There are three gloss colour options: red, cream, black – and there’s also stainless steel. The Delphi range is available in the following sizes:

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Envisioned to be the main attraction in illustrious surroundings, the Fleet range will certainly turn heads in even the most high-class of kitchens. The traditional styling provides an air of sophistication and heritage, while add-ons like the rotisserie provide extra flexibility. There’s a choice of matt and gloss colour schemes. The Fleet range is available in the following sizes:

Q Line

The Q Line is a collection of range cookers that caters for those who enjoy more contemporary design and ingenuity, as well the more practical and traditional elements. Available in two stylish and distinct finishes – gloss black and stainless steel – these range cookers really look the part in on-trend, modern kitchens. The Q Line range is available in the following sizes:

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The solid oven doors of the Wyre line-up provides a larger canvas for the elegant matt colours to really express themselves. Professional features and A-rated energy efficiency also means it gives genuine cooking power, without being too power hungry. The Wyre range is available in the following sizes:

Established in 1995, Britannia set about developing a collection of range cookers that meet the demands of its customers. Today, Britannia has a range that is the envy of its competitors. From traditional styles, to more contemporary designs, and a variety of colour schemes and sizes.

Range cookers and beyond…

The Britannia brand is synonymous with the highest level of cooker design, a tantalising proposition for amateurs and professional chefs alike.

Its line-up of range cookers expertly satisfies modern tastes with the Q Line, an ideal option for contemporary-styled kitchens. The gloss black and stainless steel colours of the Q Line truly bring the range cooker concept in-line with current trends.

Where as the flagship Delphi collection of range cookers represents a culmination of all the British firm’s expertise in the field. A fascinating combination of modern and traditional styling, Delphi range cookers are beautifully designed and include all of Britannia’s high-end features and specs.

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Aside from Britannia’s obvious expertise with range cookers and cooker hoods, the UK-based company has diversified into American refrigeration, taking its same design innovation and commitment into this popular part of the appliance market.

Indeed, for refrigeration, Britannia looked to focus its energies on a single, all-conquering model - the Montana American-style fridge freezer. It is the jewel in Britannia’s crown, a high-end appliance that has cutting edge features and a cavernous interior that can handle all the storage needs of even the largest of families.

For the perfect combination of British styling and prestige, Britannia has it all. Click on the tabs above and browse the Britannia range now available at Marks Electrical…

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Britannia isn’t just about range cookers. The firm has turned its expertise to refrigeration in recent years, making the brand a viable proposition when it comes to kitting-out your kitchen with two of the most important appliances in your home, packed with useful features, cutting-edge technology and plenty of valuable storage space.


The Montana is the all-new, American-style fridge freezer that's available in cream, black and red gloss finishes, as well as stainless steel, too.

  • Electronic ice and water dispenser with child lock
    Able to be locked, this dispenses crushed or cubed ice and chilled filtered water from the front of the fridge, while sensing when more ice is needed, refilling accordingly.
  • Sweetspot shelf
    This freezer shelf provides an area for regularly-used items of food which don't need to be deep frozen.
  • Climate keeper air tower and multi-flow air system
    Provides cold air on two levels, keeping a consistent temperature throughout. This gives your delicious fresh food a longer shelf life.

Britannia has a dedicated line-up of cooker hoods available in cream, black, red and stainless steel finishes, with sizes ranging from 90cm to 120cm. There’s a wealth of choice to match your taste and your range cooker. Of course, you might want to go for a canopy hood which is small enough for a seamless, and ‘concealed’ finish. Quiet operation and reliability are the key strengths of these stylish cooker hoods.


Sporting a great choice of subtle colours such as stainless steel and matt burgundy, the eye-catching, angled design of these wall-mounted cooker hoods have Britannia quality stamped all over them. The range includes:

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Wall-mounted with ASC

A fine line-up of beautiful wall-mounted cooker hoods that’ll complement a raft of range cookers and kitchen styles. These come with Britannia’s own Advanced Sensor Control (ASC) system. This feature automatically switches the hood on when it detects steam, vapour, smoke and odours generated by the cooking process. The range includes:

Canopy hoods

When space is sparse or you simply want your cooker hood to be less imposing and visible, then a canopy design is a great choice. Britannia has a varied line-up of these expertly-designed little marvels for you to choose from. The range includes:

So, you’ve made your selection, and paired up your perfect Britannia range cooker with an equally splendid cooker hood – but your Britannia experience doesn’t end there. There’s plenty of quality accessories available too – whether it’s cast iron griddles, cast iron wok supports, splashbacks, oven gloves and mitts, stay-clean oven liners, adjustable legs or cleaning kits. The list of Britannia accessories is extensive.

Range cooker accessories

The range includes griddles, which sit on top of the cooker’s pan supports, telescopic runners which allow you to safely pull out the shelf on extended tracks so you don’t have to strain in the heat to tend to your cooking dishes and adjustable legs to name just a few.

Griddles and Wok supports

Splashbacks/back panels

Stay-clean oven liners

Plinths and adjustable legs
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Cooker hood accessories

Extracting cooker hoods remove the dirty air from the kitchen by venting it outside. To achieve this they need a ducting system. Britannia ducting kits provide everything you need and can include piping, elbow bends and wall vents, among other components. These items are also available separately.

Re-circulating cooker hoods however, use a filtering system to clean the contaminated air before re-circulating it back into the kitchen/dining room. Various types of Britannia filters are available.

Ducting kits


Cleaning and other accessories

Professional cleaning kits are also available to ensure your Britannia range cooker stays looking as good as new.

Oven mitts and gloves