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Germany-based manufacturer of high quality, premium domestic appliances, Miele, is a bastion of Bavarian design and efficiency.

Some 115 years of history and expertise has seen Miele grow into the heavyweight brand it is today, boasting production plants all over the world, and a turnover which now exceeds 3 billion euros – seeing the company become a global leader in the domestic appliances sector.

Its standing today is a million miles away from its origins in 1899, when it was founded by an unassuming farmer’s son, Carl Miele and salesman, Richard Zinkann.
To this day, Miele is still independently-owned and managed by the Miele and Zinkann families.

Miele prides itself on innovation and attention to detail, using only the best materials to produce its market-leading products.
Its high-end approach means a kitchen with Miele appliances is a cut above the rest.

As an approved Miele showroom, Marks Electrical is the perfect environment to see Miele products on display and talk to our expertly trained staff.

Why not visit the Miele showroom at:
Marks Electrical, 111-115 King Richards Road. Leicester, LE3 5QG

About Miele
EXPERTISE: Whether it’s an oven, hob, dishwasher, fridge freezer or washing machine – Miele’s kitchen know-how is unsurpassed.


Miele produces a comprehensive line-up of high-end laundry appliances that provide an unmatched combination of quality and performance.
Whether it's washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers or one of a host of powerful ironing products, they all boast the superior Miele build quality the brand is synonymous with. Miele appliances come with innovative features, designed to make life easier and be energy efficient too.

Washing Machines

For a deep-cleaning performance that provides ultra-professional results, these washers are hard to beat. Hi-tech specifications mean you’re always in control with a Miele washing machine.

Features include:
  • Honeycomb drum – By allowing a thin layer of water to form around the drum, vigorous spinning cycles don’t damage delicate garments as easily. Newer models also have a pre-ironing and steam care function which ensures creasing is reduced as steam enters the drum at the end of a wash cycle.
  • ProfiEco motor - All Miele products are energy efficient, but some of its washing machines go beyond that, thanks to the ProfiEco engine which is more economical and extra durable.
  • PowerWash – This advanced wash mode provides intense cleaning performance, while energy consumption is reduced. The result is a greater level of cleanliness.
  • TwinDos - Miele’s own Ultra Phase detergent and conditioner can be placed in the special lower compartment of the machine, giving up to 3-months worth of automatic dispensing. Convenient and super-effective.
  • CapDosing - Miele knows that certain types of fabric can require that extra bit of care. That’s why, for wool, silks, sportwear and re-proofing, Miele single-use capsules can be clipped into the top drawer of its W1 washing machines for impeccable results.

Washer Dryers

Bringing together the same reliability and performance of Miele’s separate washers and dryers into one, efficient package. These washer dryers provide the best of both worlds.

Features include:
  • Water control system – A float switch is able to detect leaks, while a time-controlled safety check closes off the water inlet automatically, avoiding any water-related disasters.
  • Stain removal - A variety of stain removal settings mean no stain is too tough for a Miele washer dryer.
  • FragranceDos - Add incredible ‘freshness’ to your laundry drying with a flacon (fragrant capsule). Placed in your dryer they provide fragrance to your drying cycle, lasting up to four weeks.

Tumble Dryers

Miele tumble dryers are renowned for excellent performance and a list of features that give incredibly thorough drying results especially with the all-new T1 models.

Features include:
  • Perfect dry – This versatile feature on sensor-controlled drying programmes measures the residual moisture in any given load. When the laundry is perfectly dry the dryer will know by measuring the conductivity level of the water.
Miele Laundry #1
AN IDEAL FIT: 7kg, 8kg or 9kg drum sizes, there's a model to match your lifestyle and size of family.
Miele Laundry #2
TOP OF THE CLASS: Miele's new W1 range takes washing machine performance to the next level.
WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: Watch how the TwinDos 2-phase system, improves economy with intelligent dispensing.
SECOND-TO-NONE CLEANING: PowerWash means thorough washing and quicker cycles, as well.
FABRIC-SPECIFIC DETERGENT: Mile’s TwinDos system uses portioned dispensing for better results.


Miele’s market-leading design and high-end manufacturing expertise ensures its refrigeration line-up is nothing other than world class. However it’s not just the quality of its products that impress, the sheer depth of the range does, too. With superb freestanding and integrated models across fridges, freezers, wine coolers and of course, fridge freezer combos, you’re really spoilt for choice.

Fridge Freezers

Marks Electrical offers a fine range of impressive Miele frost-free fridge freezers, including the popular clean steel and built-in models.

Features include:
  • Perfect fresh zone – You can keep fresh food fresher, for longer, thanks to the Perfect Fresh zone which has accurately-controlled temperature and humidity levels, maintaining the perfect climate for fresh food.
  • Dynamic cooling - An intricate system that circulates air around the fridge, keeping the temperature at the same level throughout.


Whether you want a tall larder fridge, a compact fridge with ice box – freestander or integrated, the Miele fridge line-up will have the answer.

Features include:
  • Alarm – An essential safety feature, this warning alarm lets you know when the door has been left open too long or if the temperature inside has risen unexpectedly. Great protection against the threat of thawing food.
  • Soft close - A demonstration of Miele’s attention to detail is that even the door is engineered to perfection. The easy opening and closing door, can be adjusted and is self-balancing. These doors feature on all Miele products.


Whether you want a tall larder fridge, a compact fridge with ice box – freestander or integrated – the Miele fridge range will have the answer.

Features include:
  • Frost free – This eliminates the need to defrost the appliance because there’s no build-up of frost and ice on food or in the appliance.
  • Soft close - A demonstration of Miele’s attention to detail, even the door is engineered to perfection. Easy opening and closing door, the door can be adjusted perfectly and is self balancing. This features on all Miele products.

Wine Coolers

Miele’s premium wine coolers range from compact 126 litre models to taller, 505 litre variants that have adjustable temperature zones. Overall, Miele wine coolers are a wonderful mix of style and practical design.

Features include:
  • Active air clean – A charcoal-based filtration system that helps absorb odours from particularly strong-smelling foods stored in the fridge cavity.
  • Dynamic cooling - An intricate system that circulates air around the fridge keeping the temperature at the same level throughout.

Miele Refrigeration #1
KEEP IT COOL: This accomplished range of high-end refrigeration appliances from Miele has a genuine 'wow factor'.
Miele Refrigeration #2
BUILT TO LAST: Mieles fridge freezers are subjected to testing that is the equivalent of some 20 years' use.
CLASS REFRIGERATION: See the advanced testing that goes into Miele fridges and freezers.
GERMAN EXPERTISE: Watch just how quick and easy models in Miele’s Mastercool range are to install.
PRACTICAL, INTELLIGENT REFRIGERATION: Unbeatable high-end refrigeration from the Mastercool range.


Miele’s high-end dishwashers are designed, tested and built to ensure they’re capable of withstanding 20 years of reliable use. Constructed via revolutionary manufacturing techniques, using high-grade materials and components, Miele dishwashers are far more than your common, workhorse appliances. Beautifully engineered they possess plenty of advanced features to provide the ultimate dishwasher performance.

Freestanding and Integrated Dishwashers

What’s more, the Miele line-up of dishwashers consists of plenty of variety, too. The range encompasses freestanding – standard and slimline models – as well as stylish and versatile built-in, integrated options.

Features include:
  • Knock 2 open – A startlingly innovative feature which further highlights Miele’s forward-thinking ethos. Two gentle knocks on the dishwasher's door makes it open, without any further interaction from you. It makes dishwashers with this feature the ideal fit for handle-less kitchens.
  • Extra quiet - This option allows you to reduce noise levels when using your washing machine during quiet periods. It takes advantage of a special wash rhythm and activates the rinse hold option to prevent the washing machine spinning when it could disturb you.
  • 3D cutlery tray - Complete flexibility with three adjustable sections. Allowing tall stemware to be held securely in the upper basket.
  • Perfect glassware - Available on all Miele dishwashers, this computer-controlled water hardness system maintains the correct levels so your delicate glassware benefits from the best possible care.

Miele Dishwashing #1
CRYSTAL CLEAR: High-end dishwashers with advanced functionality provide truly impressive cleaning results.
THE FUTURE – TODAY: Innovations like knock 2 open, and bright, internal lighting help take dishwashing to the next level.


Miele’s expertise in kitchen appliances touches every corner of the kitchen, but its diversity in all-things cooking in particular, is ever-impressive. Miele’s array of ovens and microwaves all possess the same cutting-edge focus, and the same incredible Miele quality. As the German manufacturer’s motto states: Forever Better.

Introducing the ContourLine range of ovens

Reason enough to make the kitchen your favourite room in the home
Miele’s ContourLine range of ovens provide a mix of beautiful, consistent design and advanced, cooking technology, which takes the look and practicality of a kitchen to a whole new level. With precise, touchscreen controls granting you intuitive operation, as well as construction from the very best materials – the ContourLine sets the benchmark.

The high-class, high-quality range is available at Marks Electrical in the following, luxurious finishes - clean steel, obsidian black, havana brown and brilliant white. The effortless, clean design and advanced features will make an ever-lasting impression.

What kind of oven are you looking for?

Miele Ovens #1
DESIGN FOR LIFE: A new generation of ovens from Miele with style and advanced features.


Hobs are an important accompaniment to a built-in oven and Miele hobs have been specifically designed to perfectly match its ovens, with sleek looks and outright performance. Subjected to a hard regime of testing, Miele hobs are built to last. Depending on your preference you can choose from a variety of fuel types, including gas, induction and ceramic.

However, if you want a full-size hob, then something from Miele’s smaller, domino line-up of 1 or 2 burner or heat-zoned hobs, will definitely appeal.

Miele hobs include advanced features such as:

  • Power flex – Miele’s Power flex function consists of two zones which can be individual or combined into a single large zone, providing huge benefits in power distribution and cooking flexibility.
  • Gas stop – This feature ensures that the gas supply to the appliance is interrupted if the flame is ever extinguished.
  • Flex touch – Advanced ‘zoneless’ technology, means it can be operated as a single ring – ideal for when you want to keep several pans warm at the same temperature at the same time.
  • Connectivity – Enables Miele hobs and cooker hoods to communicate with one another, ensuring the hood operates at the optimum setting.

Choose your preferred type of hob:

Miele Hobs #1
TOTAL COOKING CONTROL: Miele’s gas and electric hobs are cutting-edge, stylish and effortlessly practical.
HIGH-END COOKING LIKE NO OTHER: See for yourself just how innovative hob-cooking from Miele really is.


Miele’s oven and cooker hoods offer a huge range of models to fit all types of tastes and kitchen settings, whether it's tranquillity of traditional, or sleek, contemporary styling, you’ll find a match. Possessing powerful extraction Miele cooker hoods expertly reduce odours and enable your kitchen to stay fresh and hygienic, as it deals with the vapours.

Boasting Miele’s undoubted engineering expertise, these ultra-reliable, ultra-sleek, high-end oven hoods are world class.

Miele oven hoods include the following stand out features:

  • Connectivity 2.0 – Hob to cooker hood communication for ultimate control. When the hob is switched on the cooker hood will power-up as well.
  • Filter indicator – You are alerted whenever the charcoal filter reaches saturation and needs replacing, so you can quickly change it. This means your Miele hood is never operating anything less than 100%.
  • Silence package – Essentially a silencer, this feature ensures that your cooker hood is capable of near silent-running so it can be kept switched on, filtering the air, but it won’t disturb you if it’s close to your eating area.

Choose your preferred type of hood:

Miele Hoods #1
EFFORTLESS STYLE AND APPLICATION: Miele cooker hoods have an unmatched combination of looks and effectiveness.
HIGH-TECH HOODS FOR HIGH-TECH COOKING: Not much can touch Miele’s range of advanced cooker hoods.


Lower energy consumption – Same impressive suction power

Due to the changes in EU legislation which came into force on September 1st, 2014. Vacuum cleaners must now have a maximum power rating of 1600W in an attempt to dramatically reduce Europe-wide energy consumption.

In response, Miele has produced an all-new range of vacuum cleaners with no higher than 1600W motors. Outstanding energy efficiency is now the buzzword, yet there’s no loss in the usual Miele performance.

Allow Miele to introduce its new generation of vacuum cleaners…

EcoLine Plus

Key Features include:
  • AirTeq floorhead – Generates a noticeable 10% higher dust pick-up when compared to a standard Miele floorhead.
  • EcoLine plus motor - A greater air intake is achieved via additional powerblades, while smooth-running bearings reduce friction for improved net power.
  • Miele powerchip - Measures and regulates power consumption, ensuring that the maximum output of 800W is always put to best use.


Key Features include:
  • Varied choice of motor speeds - The PowerLine range includes models with 1200, 1400, 1500 and 1600 wattage motors so there’s an option for everyone.
  • Everything you’d expect and more - Models in the Powerline range have many of the features of Miele’s versatile EcoLine Plus line-up.

Cat and Dog

Key Features include:
  • Turbobrush floorhead - Specifically designed for deep cleaning, removing troublesome pet hairs.
  • Active airclean - Pet smells and bad odours are a thing of the past thanks to the absorption capabilities of this charcoal-layered filter.


Key Features include:
  • HEPA 13 filter - Thorough system provides an incredible 13 filtration layers. 99.999% (in accordance with EN 1822:2011) of particles are removed from the air.

Miele Vacuum #1
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: All-new, more energy efficient, yet JUST as powerful.
Miele Vacuum #2
TESTING TIMES: Miele leaves no stone unturned when it comes to tolerance and reliability testing.
PET OWNERS REJOICE: Miele’s cat & dog range of vacuums, trap awkwardly-placed animal hair, and neutralise odours.



Miele’s accessories work in perfect harmony with its varied line-up of appliances. They help ensure you get fantastic results and can even serve to further prolong the life of your Miele product, so it stays as good as new for years to come.


Keep your Miele oven as good as new with Miele-approved PerfectClean oven packs which can be used on the oven racks. Perhaps you need an oven dish, pizza tray or gourmet oven dish as well?


An assortment of quality add-ons and accessories for Miele cooker hoods. From re-circulating kits, to charcoal filters and external motors.


Really useful accessories for your Miele laundry appliances. Includes items like stacking kits, which let you stack your dryer on top of your washer. These kits also have a pull-out shelf to place your basket on, for ultra-convenient loading/unloading.


Miele freestanding and built-in dishwashers are intricate products with a host of accessories available to make them an even better proposition for you, the customer.


A comprehensive list of refrigeration extras that take the Miele experience to another level of innovation and convenience.

Vacuum Cleaner

As Miele rolls-out its new EU legislation-compliant vacuum cleaners, you can find right here essential accessories such as Miele FLM HyClean Dustbags.
Miele Accessories #1
MIELE QUALITY: The same quality and innovation which runs through Miele's appliances, is just as apparent in the add-ons.
Miele Accessories #2
SPOILT FOR CHOICE: A raft of Miele-approved accessories help maintain the appliances lifespan.
TOOLED-UP: Accessories like this stairs attachment for vacuums, adds versatility and can improve performance.