Fill your home with music.

The concept behind Sonos is simplicity itself; the future of music in your home. Sonos brings together all your music, no matter what device it’s on - smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet - and gives you unbeatable wireless versatility and control.

The Power of Sonos, Explained.

Easy Setup

Messy, tangled wires are a thing of the past with Sonos wireless speakers. Simply start off with a single speaker that you can place anywhere you want - no wires or hassle - and connect it to your home WiFi network at the touch of a button. Music ready for when you are.


Sonos speakers have been designed to work excellently both solo and as part of an ever-growing system. You can easily link speakers in separate rooms together, allowing you to take your music with you around the house; you can even have individual tracks playing in each room.

Effortless Control

Stay in control of your Sonos system - no matter how big - using the intuitive Sonos controller app. The Sonos app is available on all modern systems, including mobile and tablets devices, so you’ll always be able to explore and play the music you love.

Outstanding Sound Quality

All Sonos products deliver incredible audio clarity, providing a truly expansive sound experience for every room in your home. For true stereo sound, pair up a set of Sonos PLAY speakers and hear every detail of your favourite songs.

Music or Home Theatre? Sonos can do both.

As well as being brilliant with music, you can create a cheaper alternative to a full-blown home theatre setup with Sonos. A Sonos soundbar will improve the sound of your TV immeasurably, improving bass response and tone. Sonos equipment can also become part of a 3.1 or 5.1 channel setup.

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Flexson in partnership with Sonos
Listening is back with Sonos

Sonos quality comes in all sizes. From the compact powerhouse that is the PLAY: 1 to the complete sonic experience of the PLAY: 5, every Sonos product is designed to give you the very best sound - all throughout the house. The Sonos network redefines home audio, enabling you to give each room a unique acoustic feel - simply place a Sonos speaker in the rooms you want and bring the music to life through the power of Sonos.

Introducing the Sonos Speaker Range:

Play: 1 Compact Speaker

Don't be fooled by the small stature; the PLAY: 1 is ready to rock and roll. Sonos have designed state-of-the-art digital amplifiers to drive the impressive sound. Fully compatible with other Sonos products, this is the perfect way to join the Sonos family and begin enjoying wireless music with ease.

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Sonos Play3

Play: 3 Wireless Speaker

The PLAY: 3 is the bigger brother to the PLAY: 1; the same great technology in a bigger package. The PLAY: 3 can be placed either horizontally or vertically, making this a great choice for power sound in a smaller space.

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Play: 5 Wireless Speaker

The ultimate listening experience on offer from Sonos, the PLAY: 5 is set to deliver unparalleled audio quality using six custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers. This horizontally-seated beauty will have no trouble creating immersive sound - no matter what you're listening to.

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Soul-shaking bass

The complete Sonos experience is about more than music in every room. Add the excellent PLAYBAR soundbar, then throw in a Sonos subwoofer too, and you have all the essentials for a completely wireless home cinema. With LED TVs becoming increasingly thinner, meaning there's only room for small onboard speakers, TV sound invariably needs that extra boost. Sonos is the answer.

Note: For complex arrangements of Sonos products, it is advisable that a Sonos BOOST is used to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Sonos Playbar

To simply improve the sound of your TV, adding a sound bar means you get wider sound and extra oomph in the bass department, far exceeding the native sound of your TV. A Sonos PLAYBAR (soundbar) connects quickly and efficiently to your TV.

  1. Stylish, minimalist design
  2. Wide soundstage, thanks to 6 mid-woofers and 3 tweeters
  3. Can be wall-mounted or placed below your television

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Sonos requires a dedicated wireless network to add the Subwoofer to the PLAYBAR to make sure you get a flawless experience; the Sonos BOOST is the most effective method of creating that network. If you plan to have a PLAYBAR (or other Sonos speaker) setup close to your home internet router, then you can connect it directly to your router with an Ethernet cable to serve as the hub. However, if your PLAYBAR or speaker is going in a different room, you'll need to connect a BOOST or other Sonos speaker to your router to expand your home theatre.

Getting Started

You're close to entering a brand-new world of versatile, wireless HiFi sound that will immerse your home in the music that you love. Sonos has designed the BOOST to ensure that every home can make the most of wireless streaming. There are multiple ways to use your Sonos products to their fullest; through your existing home network, a dedicated Sonos wireless network or as part of a home cinema network.

Home Network

If you're looking to fill your home with blissful music, a home network connection is a great way to get started. Sonos PLAY speakers communicate via WiFi and will sync your music so you can enjoy your favourite tracks all over the house. The Sonos app gives you complete control and allows you to configure the network.

Connect Sonos to a dedicated Sonos network

Dedicated Sonos Wireless Network

If you find your WiFi network isn't as reliable or fast as you like, never fear. Sonos has designed the BOOST to give you uninterrupted playback throughout your whole house. BOOST delivers an enterprise-grade wireless network to your home that's dedicated to Sonos products.

Home Cinema Network

For a fully featured home cinema feel - powerful surround sound and thunderous bass - then a Sonos BOOST gives you the faultless network that you need to achieve it. To ensure consistent wireless communication between the 5.1 channel speaker array, you want to make sure the network is up to the task - the Sonos BOOST is the tool for the job.

Make your music wireless

Sonos has the power to turn your existing audio system into a wireless dream, thanks to the Connect and CONNECT:AMP. Simply plug your existing amplifier into the CONNECT and control your music from the Sonos app on your phone. For homes without a dedicated amplifier, the CONNECT:AMP has you covered - plug your speakers in directly and the CONNECT:AMP will do the rest.

Sonos CONNECT, Do you Already have an Amplifier?

The Sonos Connect is the answer. Simply plug your amplifier/receiver into the Sonos CONNECT and wireless music is suddenly available to you on a non-Sonos system. The Sonos CONNECT will also work with your existing Sonos tech.

  1. Connect easily to an external, third-party amplifier/receiver
  2. Designed to always be on (using minimal electricity when not playing music)
  3. Numerous connection points.

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Sonos Connect

Sonos CONNECT:AMP, Do you have Standalone Wired Speakers?

The beauty of Sonos is that even if you have two wired speakers, they can be integrated into a fully-working music streaming system within your home. For this, you'll need a Sonos CONNECT:AMP, which features a powerful class-D amplifier to ensure powerful, driven sound.

  1. Inputs for two (left and right stereo) wired speakers
  2. Works seamlessly with Sonos range.

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Sonos bundles at Marks Electrical

To fill your home with music or create the perfect home theatre system, we have a variety of packs, that conveniently bundle together options for your specific needs. Marks Electrical is the place for Sonos home theatre.

Stereo Pair

The first step to boosting the sound in your home is to buy a pair of Sonos PLAY speakers. Premium quality stereo sound without all the hassle.

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