Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued)


  • Product code: 10931740
  • Colour - Mango Red
  • Wattage - 890
  • Bag - Yes
  • Bag Capacity (litres) - 4.5
  • Cable Length (m) - 6.5
  • Weight (kg) - 6.97
  • Guarantee - 2 years parts and labour
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Remove more of those pesky pet hairs with the Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

This appliance has been specifically designed for households with animals, with increased suction power to keep surfaces spotlessly clean.

A six-stage rotary selector provides control and the turbo brush, with a compact telescopic tube, is effective at lifting off hair, lint, dust and dirt alike.

The cable can reach for 6.5 metres, with an operating radius of 10 metres, and the vacuum cleaner will sit upright steadily at any periods of rest.

An Active Air Clean system contains a charcoal filter, which can help to neutralise odours, and the dust-bag has a capacity of 4.5 litres.

The nozzle is adept at getting into every last part of upholstery and crevices, with a dusting brush included for places where it can't reach.

More benefits of the Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner

  • This model is lightweight, weighing less than 7kg even with vacuuming add-ons.
  • A practical locking system will keep the key components free from tampering.
  • The mango red finish of this vacuum cleaner adds a touch of colour to a room.
  • A maximum power level of 890 watts, at its highest setting, will perform well.
  • You're covered by a two-year warranty, for parts and labour, from purchase.

Product Specification

Type Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Brand Miele
Model Complete C2 Cat & Dog
Also known as: 10931740
Colour Mango Red
Maximum Power (W) 890
Dustbag Capacity (litres) 4.5
Suction Tube Stainless Steel Telescopic Tube
Weight (kg) 6.97
Exhaust Filter Active AirClean
Operating Radius (metres) 10
Cable Length (metres) 6.5
Floor Head Universal
Park System For Vacuuming Breaks Yes
Practical Locking System Yes
Dusting Brush Yes
Upholstery Nozzle Yes
Crevice Nozzle Yes
Type of Dustbag HyClean GN
Turbobrush STB 305-3 Yes
2 years parts and labour