Hoover AWMPD610LHO8 Washing Machine (Discontinued)

  • Product code: AWMPD610LHO8
  • Colour - White with a White Tinted Door
  • Spin (rpm) - 1600
  • Capacity (kg) - 10
  • Delay Start Timer - Yes
  • Guarantee - 10 years parts and 1 year labour
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The Hoover AWMPD610LH08 Washing Machine will soon suss out how to make your laundry tasks so much easier.

Hoover has hailed as the AXI range as their first selection of truly adaptive appliances, as they can call upon artificial intelligence.

Simply download the Hoover Wizard app to a Smartphone or tablet, which pairs the machine through a touch screen digital display.

The AXI app can communicate with you via direct message, change when a cycle begins and its duration before providing a report of your user habits.

It knows where you are, too, using geo-location technology and can suggest when it's best to put the washing on the line outside, by checking the weather forecast.

Other features allow you to set up any programme remotely, guide you through a cycle, save your frequently used choices and perform maintenance checks.

This makes the best use of the AI that can understand, adapt to and suggest better ways to get the most out of your washing tasks.

Voice control is also possible as verbal commands can be followed by a 'digital butler,' due to the compatibility with third-party controllers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The time, water and energy used can be adapted by built-in sensors, which weighs the load early on in a programme and makes economical adjustments.

Spin speeds can reach up to 1600 rpm, which shorten drying times when at their peak, and a steam function cuts down on creases.

The cleaning agents used can be optimised when using a Total Care programme, which can handle different fibres and colours together.

Further savings can be made through the Care Dose system, which only releases the exact amount of detergent to suit the contents for up to 21 cycles.

The 59 minute All In One cycle is also for mixed loads and there are three rapid cycles which take 14, 30 and 44 minutes to complete.

The machine is A+++ graded for energy efficiency, with estimated annual electricity consumption of just 119 kWh, along with A ratings for wash and spin performance.

Hoover's Super Silent Inverter Motor is a long-lasting brushless device that makes movement possible, with a relatively quiet noise output of 51 decibels.

The drum capacity of 10kg is suitable for a large household and can manage the equivalent of around 50 t-shirts in one go.

Further benefits of the Hoover AWMPD610LH08 Washing Machine

  • An Eco cycle, at 20 degrees, is one of 13 programmes that can be selected.
  • The AXI app can also activate a Delay Start timer, which goes to 24 hours.
  • Change the temperature and spin speed to suit, at the push of a button.
  • Push the delay start and spin buttons for a key lock that protects settings.
  • Hoover guarantee the parts for 10 years, with a one-year labour warranty.

Product Specification

Type Washing Machine
Brand Hoover
Model AWMPD610LHO8
Colour White
Door Colour White Tinted
Capacity (kg) -10
Spin Speed (rpm) 1600
Delay StartMore Information... Yes
LCD with Countdown Display Yes
Variable Temperature Yes
Variable SpinMore Information... Yes
Intelligent Wash System Yes
Time Manager Display Yes
3D Wash SystemMore Information... Yes
Pre Wash Yes
WiFi Connected Yes
Rapid 14 Minute Wash Yes
Rapid 30 Minute Wash Yes
Rapid 44 Minute Wash Yes
All In One 59 Minute Yes
One FI Extra Yes
ECO 20 Yes
Synthetic and Coloured Yes
Total Care Yes
Wool Yes
Delicates Yes
Cottons Yes
Rinse Yes
Drain and Spin Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Wash Performance Class A
Spin Performance Class A
Noise Level Washing (dB) 51
Noise Level Spinning (dB) 80
Annual Water Consumption (l) 12100
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 119
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 540
10 years parts and 1 year labour
Useful InformationLike most modern washing machines, this one is cold fill only. Some older washers also have a hot water intake, but in reality, little hot water ever gets into these machines on most washes. This is because hot water cools rapidly in household water pipes, and by the time it starts to run hot the washing machine has almost finished filling. This is particularly true nowadays because modern washing machines use a lot less water than ever before.

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