Candy CGM60NN 60cm Chimney Hood (Discontinued)


  • Product code: CGM60NN
  • Colour - Black & Glass
  • Extraction Rate (m³/h) - 456
  • Type of Extraction - Ducted and Recirculation
  • Guarantee - 10 years parts and 1 years labour
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The curved glass canopy on this Candy CGM60NN 60cm Chimney Hood looks great and smothers impurities in a cooking area.

Airborne grease, steam and odours in the kitchen are caught effectively, so this model is as much about function as it is fashion.

A push of the button on the fascia can summon three different speeds from the fan motor, to best suit the cooking task performed, at the push of a button on the fascia.

The lowest setting best suits boiling, with the second levelling for frying and the third speed to tackle grilling and wok cooking.

Two stainless steel filters absorb food residue flying upwards and are dishwasher proof, so can be unclipped and taken away for cleaning.

The LED strip that illuminates the section underneath is A rated for lighting efficiency, so is both long-lasting and economical.

The casing is also made of stainless steel and the glass is formed at an angle, so directs the hot air towards the fan motor and filters.

The air captured by the hood can be either recirculated or extracted, making it an ideal choice for most living areas.

Recirculation requires an included charcoal filter that removes any harmful vapours or smell, purifying the air to then pass back through the room.

Extraction requires ducting through an external wall to be directed outside and works through a non-return flap, so the airflow goes in one direction only.

Such versatility for operating methods means that the hood can be at home in a flat, apartment or house, with or without the capacity for venting.

More benefits of the Candy CGM60NN 60cm Chimney Hood

  • The maximum extraction capacity of this appliance is 456 m/hr at its top speed.
  • Expect estimated annual energy consumption of just 49.7 kWh from this model.
  • Even when the hood is in full operation, the noise level won't exceed 56 decibels.
  • The correct height above electric and gas hobs is 50mm and 70mm respectively.
  • Candy will guarantee their parts for a decade, with a one-year labour warranty.

Product Specification

Type 60cm Chimney Hood
Brand Candy
Model CGM60NN
Colour Black & Glass
Number of Speeds 3
LED Lights Yes
Number of Lights 1
Dishwasher Proof Stainless Steel Grease Filters Yes
Number of Grease Filters 2
Non Return Flap Yes
Energy Efficiency Class C
Grease Filter Efficiency Class C
Lighting Efficiency A
Noise Level (dB) 56
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 49.7
Maximum Extraction Capacity (m/h) - 456
Recommended Height Above Electric Hobs (mm) 50
Recommended Height Above Gas Hobs (mm) 70
Ducting Kit Diameter (mm) 150mm
Height (mm) 560-1040
Width (mm) 595
Depth (mm) 500
10 years parts and 1 years labour