Candy CI642CC Induction Hob (Discontinued)


  • Product code: CI642CC
  • Colour - Black Glass
  • Controls - Touch
  • Electrical Connection - Hard Wired
  • Guarantee - 10 years parts and 1 years labour
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Control your cooking at the push of a button with the Candy CI642CC Induction Hob.

Make the most of four cooking zones over the 60cm hob, which benefits from additional features that can help you at meal times.

Three of the zones have a maximum heating element of 1.5 kWh, with the remaining hob slightly larger and powered to two kWh.

They detect induction pans, at the point of impact, and use electricity to create a magnetic field under the unit's surface that produces heat almost instantly.

This strikes at the heart of the pan, so the area around each zone is relatively untouched. This is regarded by many to be a far cleaner way of cooking on the hob.

Touch responsive controls allow the temperature to be adjusted quickly, with plus and minus signs to guide you. There is a button dedicated to each zone.

Follow the residual heat indicator, for your own safety, as it will glow to display which zones are still radiating so are, therefore, unsafe to touch. There's also a lock.

Further benefits of the Candy CI642CC Induction Hob

  • Make use of a programmable timer, which can operate the hob for a specified period.
  • Any of the four cooking zones will be automatically shut down, if left on accidentally.
  • You'll get a 10-year warranty on parts (one-year labour), from the date of purchase.

Product Specification

Type Induction Hob
Brand Candy
Model CI642CC
Colour Black Glass
Control Touch
Type Induction
Hob Surface Glass
Front Controls Yes
Residual Heat Indicators Yes
Pan Detection Yes
Lock Yes
Timer Yes
1st Power Element (Kw) 1.5
2nd Power Element (kW) 1.5
3rd Power Element (kW) 1.5-2.0
4th Power Element (kW) 1.5
Height (mm) 60
Width (mm) 590
Depth (mm) 520
Width (mm) 560
Depth (mm) 490
This product must be hard wired (cable not supplied)
10 years parts and 1 years labour