Hoover HBTDW H7A1TCE-80 Integrated Condenser Dryer (Discontinued)

  • Product code: HBTDWH7A1TCE-80
  • Colour - White
  • Capacity (kg) - 7
  • Hinge - Left
  • Delay Start Timer - Yes
  • Left Hand Hinge
  • Heat Pump Technology
  • SensorDrying System
  • Guarantee - 10 years parts and 1 years labour
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The Hoover HBTDW H7A1TCE-80 Integrated Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology will slot seamlessly into your home.

This appliance is built in, so will slot inside a base unit inside your fitted kitchen with only a partial cupboard fitting, above a plinth line.

It makes for easy access, while still blending in with the surroundings, and the moisture in your clothes will soon be expelled by the functions on board.

The heat pump is an effective but economical device, which uses a coil and purifying filter to re-use the hot air generated by the power used.

The sensor drying system accurately measures the moisture and compares it to the electricity earmarked for each programme, making subtle changes if needed.

Thorough drying is achieved without costing the earth, as evidenced by an A grade for condensation performance and an A+ rating for energy efficiency.

Multiple programmes are available through the digital display, with additional extras to put the finishing touches on your garments.

Cycles include the swift freshen up, delicates, silk, outerwear and gentle smoothing, with wool finish and proofing capabilities.

You'll also find rapid options that take just 30, 45 and 59 minutes and best ironing choices that make your clothes iron, hanger or cupboard dry.

These are accessed at the push of a button or turn of the rotary control dial, with remote settings available through One Fi Extra.

This means that the dishwasher has Wi-Fi capabilities, which can be paired to a smartphone or tablet by downloading the Hoover Wizard app.

With this, you can download new cycles, analyse your laundry activities, perform maintenance checks and get help and advice, from a Hoover representative, online.

Further benefits of the Hoover HBTDW H7A1TCE-80 Condenser Dryer

  • The 7kg capacity of this appliance is suitable for the needs of a small family.
  • The water is collected by a detachable container, on the door of the dryer.
  • The drum has a reverse action mode, which can further untangle clothes.
  • You can make good use of a delay start timer, which goes up to 24 hours.
  • Hoover guarantee the parts of this product for 10 years (one-year labour).

Product Specification

Type Integrated Condenser Dryer
Brand Hoover
Model HBTDW H7A1TCE-80
Also known as: HBTDWH7A1TCE-80
Colour White
Door Type Left hinged
Controls Touch and Rotary Control
Delay StartMore Information... Yes
Time Remaining Yes
Display Yes
Heat PumpMore Information... Yes
Sensor Drying Yes
Drum Light No
Anti-Creasing Yes
Clean Filter Indicator Yes
Child LockMore Information... Yes
End of Cycle Indicator/Alarm Yes
Reduced Ironing Yes
Drum Style Stainless Steel
Reverse Action DrumMore Information... Yes
Cottons Yes
Gentle Smoothing Yes
Wool Finish Yes
Sportswear Yes
Mixed Load Yes
Freshen Up Yes
Steam Yes
Hygiene Yes
Proofing Yes
Shirts Programme Yes
Denim Programme Yes
Delicates/Silk Programme Yes
Outerwear Yes
Energy Efficiency Rating A+
Condensation Efficiency Class A
Noise Level (dB) 67
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 269
Height (mm) 827
Width (mm) 596
Depth (mm) 467
Dryers with Heat Pump technology use the same process as condenser dryers, using hot air to remove moisture from your clothes, but circulate the air multiple times, reheating it each circulation using the heating coil. Tumble dryers using Heat Pump technology do not reach the same temperatures that other dryers might, which ensures more efficient performance and gentler drying of laundry. This typically comes at the cost of increased drying times over standard tumble dryers.
Sensor drying system uses sensors to monitor moisture and temperature levels inside the dryer and automatically stops when it reaches the chosen level of dryness you require.
10 years parts and 1 years labour, subject to registration within 28 days of delivery

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