Hotpoint HS1801AA Built In Larder Fridge (Discontinued)


  • Product code: HS1801AA
  • Colour - White
  • Capacity (Gross) - 319 litres
  • Reversible Door
  • Sliding Door Hinge System
  • Guarantee - 10 years parts and 1 years labour
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You can pile your chilled goods high with the tall but thin Hotpoint HS1801AA Built In Larder Fridge.

This product may stand high, at nearly 6ft, but width and depth of less than 2ft offset that to create a balanced storage area.

It's perfect for homes that only have specific space available and want a larger fridge, with an integrated design that's meant for installation into the long cupboard unit of a fitted kitchen.

A sliding hinge system allows for the fridge and cupboard door to become as one, giving way to the 318 litres of net capacity that's enough for a large family.

The two salad crispers are effectively the same size as deep freezer drawers, with five adjustable glass shelves allowing for items big and small to be accommodated.

A wire bottle rack also slots in where needed to provide another place for drinks, which will fit into most of the five balconies in the fridge door.

The top racks are best served for jars, sauces, eggs and dairy products, but there's versatility all through the appliance.

The fridge is auto-defrost, with a fan-powered independent cooling system that works through a compressor to condense and evaporate excess moisture.

An anti-bacterial coating on the door seals prevents germs and odours from surviving in the fridge, with LED lighting powering the interior light and controls.

The temperature can be adjusted manually at the push of a button, which also activates the Fast Cooling function.

This quickly chills the compartment for a period of up to 30 hours, where it automatically switches off. This process can be halted, at any time, and is best started a few hours before a shopping trip.

Pollution to the environment or your ears is unlikely, with an energy efficiency rating of A+ that translates to annual consumption of just 147 kWh.

The noise level output is just 35 decibels, making it one of the quieter models on the market. This should come as attractive to those living in open plan surroundings.

Further benefits of the Hotpoint HS1801AA Built In Larder Fridge

  • The door opens to the right, but can also be moved to the left as it's reversible.
  • You will see there's a malfunction, should one occur, through a visual indicator.
  • Claim a warranty of 10 years on parts (one-year labour), subject to registration.

Product Specification

Type Built In Larder Fridge
Brand Hotpoint
Model HS1801AA
Capacity (Net/Litres) 318
Colour White
Number of Glass Shelves 5
Number of Salad Crispers 2
Number of Egg Holders 1
Bottle Trap Yes
LED Display Yes
Number of Indicators 5
Electronic Control Yes
Door HingeMore Information... Sliding Door Hinge System
Reversible Door Yes
Automatic Defrosting System Yes
Antibacterial Protection Yes
Noise Level (dB) 35
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 147
Height (mm) 1771
Width (mm) 540
Depth (mm) 545
Door hinges come in either a fixed or sliding configuration. A sliding hinge system uses brackets to attach an external furniture door to the appliance door. As the external (furniture door) opens, the appliance door is opened via the sliding bracket arrangement.
10 years parts and 1 years labour, subject to registration within 28 days of delivery
Important InformationImportant Product Information: This is a built in Larder Fridge; it needs to be built into a tall cabinet and will NOT fit underneath a worktop.

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