Gorenje ORK193BL Fridge Freezer (Discontinued)

  • Product code: ORK193BL
  • Colour - Baby Blue
  • Capacity (Gross) - Fridge 229 litres/Freezer 97 litres
  • Fridge Shelves - 4
  • Freezer Drawers - 3
  • Right Hand Hinge
  • Less ice building in the freezer
  • Dynamic Cooling
  • Guarantee - 2 years parts and labour
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The Gorenje ORK193BL Retro Fridge Freezer in baby blue comes equipped with a terrific A+++ energy rating which means that is highly energy-efficient.

IonAir with DynamiCooling continually refreshes the air inside the appliance by releasing negatively charged ions, keeping it fresh and free from bacteria.

It uses AdaptTech technology which can predict when the door will be opened. This intelligent system prevents groceries from being exposed to thermal shock which causes them to expire sooner.

In addition, the FreshZone drawer is kept at a lower temperature than the main compartment. This makes it ideal for preserving items such as meat, fish and vegetables.

You can also benefit from FrostLess technology. With the improved insulation, it significantly reduces the accumulation of ice on food and the interior. This means that you can enjoy less defrosting and more energy savings.

Features of the Gorenje ORK193BL Retro Fridge Freezer

  • Fast Freeze feature ensures rapid freezing of food
  • A lower electricity bill thanks to FrostLess technology
  • Items such as cheese and butter can be stored in the MultiBox container
  • The FreshZone drawer helps to preserve food at an extremely low temperature
  • IonAir with DynamiCooling eliminates mould and bacteria

Product Specification

Type Fridge Freezer
Brand Gorenje
Model ORK193BL
Colour of Door Baby Blue
Total Capacity (Net/Litres) 322
Total Capacity (Gross/Litres) 326
Fridge Capacity (Net/Litres) 227
Fridge Capacity (Gross/Litres) 229
Freezer Capacity (Net/Litres) 95
Freezer Capacity (Gross/Litres) 97
Number of Glass Shelves 4
Bottle Shelf Yes
Wire Bottle Rack
Egg/Ice Bin
FreshZone Drawer
Freezing Capacity in 24 Hours (kg) 4.5
XXL SpaceBox Yes
Fast FreezeMore Information... Yes
Storage Time in Power Failure (hours) 30
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Height (mm) 1940
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 669
This technology is designed to reduce the formation of ice inside the freezer therefore making it rare and simple to manually defrost. Not only does this technology reduce the need to manually defrost the appliance but it also contributes to the overall energy efficiency.
Improved ventilation system functions according to the principles of dynamic cooling, maintaining even temperature in the entire refrigerator. Due to this system of operation, DynamicCooling contributes to energy saving and falls into category of ''green'' features. It is combined with IonAir in basic models, while advanced models operate on IonAir MultiFlow 360 system.
2 years parts and labour