Miele T1 - Classic TDB220 White Condenser Dryer (Discontinued)


  • Product code: TDB220White
  • Colour - Lotus White
  • Capacity (kg) - 7
  • Left Hand Hinge
  • Heat Pump Technology
  • Guarantee - 2 years parts and labour
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Take the hassle out of laundry tasks by using the Miele T1 - Classic TDB220 White Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology.

This appliance has a handy 7kg capacity inside its honeycomb plus drum, which has a hexagonal structure which puts the hot air produced into pockets.

That forms a bed of heat for garments to lay upon, where gentle movements and a reverse action keep them soft while collecting moisture effectively.

An A class for condensation efficiency bears evidence of productivity, as does an A++ rating for energy use, with low consumption levels.

A full load of cotton goes through just 1.73 kWh per cycle, with annual expenditure of 211 kWh. Based on projections of 15.40p a unit, that's costs of 32.50 a year.

That's thanks in large part to the heat pump, which re-uses the warmth generated after a purification process through a coil and purifying filter.

This is completed in the evaporator, which removes the wetness from the load and keeps hold of the remaining hot air to be recycled.

A water tank collects the condensation, which can be detached and taken away to be emptied. It's simple to pull out, as it's integrated into the machine.

Direct sensors allow for the options on the digital display to be initiated, at the push of a button, with extra dry, normal, hand or machine iron drying levels.

The perfect dry mode makes use of built-in sensors, which accurately judge the needs for each cycle and can adjust the electricity and duration accordingly.

A plethora of programmes, which can be selected by a control dial, encompass most fabrics and complement washing cycles.

Cottons, shirts, denim, outerwear, proofing, delicates and even woollens, with hand wash only in their care instructions, are perfectly safe under their dedicated settings.

Cut down on creases with the minimum iron and pre-iron programmes, or time with the express cycle. Warm air is ideal for timed drying.

More benefits of the Miele T1 - Classic TDB220 White Condenser Dryer

  • There's an indicator for when the water container is full and needs draining.
  • Don't guess how long is left for a function, as there's a time left countdown.
  • There's a child lock on board, to protect settings from unwanted tampering.
  • The noise level, for any element of operation, shouldn't exceed 66 decibels.
  • A full two-year warranty, for parts and labour, is included at no extra cost.

Product Specification

Type Condenser Dryer
Brand Miele
Model T1 - Classic TDB220 White
Also known as: TDB220White
Colour Lotus White
Door Colour White
Capacity (kg) 7
Fascia Straight
Delay StartMore Information... Yes
Time Left Display Yes
Heat PumpMore Information... Yes
Drum Light LED
FragranceDosMore Information... Yes
Clean Filter Indicator Yes
Child LockMore Information... Yes
Reduced Ironing Yes
Drum Honeycomb Plus
Reverse Action DrumMore Information... Yes
Display DirectSensor 7-segment
Door Hinge Left
Perfect DryMore Information... Yes
Water Container Full Indicator Yes
Cottons Yes
Finish Woollens Yes
Delicates Programme Yes
Express Yes
ProofingMore Information... Yes
Shirts Yes
Denim Yes
Outerwear Yes
Perfect DryMore Information... Yes
Minimum Iron Yes
Timed Programmes Warm Air
Anti-crease Yes
Gentle Tumble Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A++
Condensation Efficiency Class A
Noise Level (dB) 66
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 211
Energy Consumption Full Load (kWh) 1.73 (Cotton Cycle)
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 595
Depth (mm) 636
Dryers with Heat Pump technology use the same process as condenser dryers, using hot air to remove moisture from your clothes, but circulate the air multiple times, reheating it each circulation using the heating coil. Tumble dryers using Heat Pump technology do not reach the same temperatures that other dryers might, which ensures more efficient performance and gentler drying of laundry. This typically comes at the cost of increased drying times over standard tumble dryers.
2 years parts and labour