Culina UBDDCH90ABK Downdraft Extractor (Discontinued)


  • Product code: UBDDCH90ABK
  • Colour - Stainless Steel and Black Glass
  • Extraction Rate (m³/h) - 538.5
  • Type of Extraction - Ducted and Recirculation
  • Carbon Filter for Re-circulation (included) - No
  • Guarantee - 5 years parts and 2 years labour
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You'll only really be able to see the Culina UBDDCH90ABK Downdraft Extractor while you're cooking.

This model has the effect of a chimney hood, but the cover rises and retracts through the worktop at the push of a button.

You can manually control the downdraft and set the height, along with making it disappear back into the kitchen counter.

Only the lid, where the touch control blue display panel is located, will remain visible and it's the perfect accompaniment to most modern hobs.

Four speed settings can be accessed by a slide control function, with a timer feature allowing the extractor fan to function for up to 40 minutes, in five-minute increments.

This helps to remove airborne grease, steam and odours, with an aluminium filter that is fixed to the inside of the downdraft absorbing particles.

This filter is easy to remove from behind the decorative black glass and clean in a sink or dishwasher, the latter at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.

Maintenance of the rest of the appliance is also simple, with the stainless steel and glass able to be wiped down quickly with a damp cloth or sponge.

Two LED bulbs are arched light up the cooking area, with average illumination of the surface of 109 lux.

Extraction or recirculation of the air generated by the process is possible, either by ducting to be vented outside or with a charcoal carbon filter for purification respectively.

Further benefits of the Culina UBDDCH90ABK Downdraft Extractor

  • This model has an estimated annual energy consumption of just 91.5 kWh.
  • The maximum noise level output of the extractor, at full pelt, is 67 decibels.
  • The downdraft is able to reach a maximum extraction capacity of 538.5 m/hr.
  • You'll be covered by a five-year warranty on all parts, with two years labour.

Product Specification

Type Downdraft Extractor
Brand Culina
Colour Stainless Steel and Black Glass
Control Type Touch Control Blue Display
Installation Type Recirculation or Ducted
Number of Fan Speeds 4
Number of Lights 2
LED Lights 1W
Grease Filter Type Aluminium
Number of Grease Filters 1
Air Outlet Diameter (mm) 150 and anti return valve
Noise Level (dB) 67
Maximum Extraction Capacity (m/h) 538.5
Energy Efficiency Class D
Carbon Filters ATFILT4
Ducting Kit 150mm (KITVENT2)
Height (mm) 725-1110
Width (mm) 880
Depth (mm) 368
5 years parts and 2 years labour