Samsung WD6000 WD90J6A10AW 9Kg Washer Dryer with Ecobubble Technology (Discontinued)

  • Product code: WD90J6A10AW
  • Colour - White
  • Spin (rpm) - 1400
  • Capacity (kg) - Wash 9/Dry 6
  • Delay End Timer - Yes
  • ecobubble™ Technology
  • Guarantee - 5 years parts and labour
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Get tougher on stains by using the Samsung WD6000 WD90J6A10AW 9kg Washer Dryer with Ecobubble Technology.

This appliance performs the double function to great effect and can go the extra mile to remove dirt from fabrics.

This is due to the Ecobubble feature, which reduces the surface tension of water to mix with detergent to form a powerful foam.

Garments are gently treated by this potent substance, which softly penetrates the material until the stain has been removed.

This is used with the Super Eco Wash programme, with a bubble soak also accessed at the push of a button on the LED digital display.

This is where a host of other add-ons provide further options, including an extra rinse and variable temperature and spin speeds, which go up to 1400rpm.

A pre-wash can precede a programme, while intensive mode will lengthen the duration for badly soiled laundry. This is where dryness levels are additionally selected.

Multiple cycles can be initiated through the control dial, with air wash choices for deodorisation and sanitisation among them.

The quick wash takes just 15 minutes to complete and can handle up to 2kg of lightly-soiled items, with washing and drying for cotton and synthetics.

The Eco Drum Clean performs maintenance on your behalf, by removing bacteria from the interior, and should be initiated once every 40 washes.

This model is A rated for energy efficiency, with estimated use of just 6.12 kWh per cycle. It's A rated for washing and spinning performance.

More benefits of the Samsung WD6000 WD90J6A10AW Washer Dryer

  • The noise level is 54, 59 and 73 decibels when washing, drying and spinning.
  • The digital inverter compressor uses frictionless magnets to spin the drum.
  • You can press the delay end button to halt the conclusion of a programme.
  • Pause a cycle at any time, at the push of a button, and resume again after.
  • Register the product and receive a five-year warranty, for parts and labour.

Product Specification

Type Washer Dryer with Ecobubble Technology
Brand Samsung
Model WD6000 WD90J6A10AW 9Kg
Also known as: WD90J6A10AW
Washing Capacity (kg) 9 kg
Drying Capacity (kg) 6 kg
Body Colour White
Door Crystal Blue
Panel Display LED
Energy Efficiency Class A
Energy Consumption (per cycle) 6.12 kWh
Water Consumption (cycle) 99 L
Spin Efficiency A
Wash Efficiency A
Noise Level (Wash) 54 dB
Noise Level (Spin) 73 dB
Noise Level (Dry) 59 dB
Spin Speed 1400 rpm
Bubble Technology Yes
Motor DIT
Last MemoryMore Information... Yes
Smart CheckMore Information... Yes
Child LockMore Information... Yes
Delay End Yes
Drum Type Diamond
Dry Level Yes
SpeedSpray™ Yes
Super Speed Yes
Bubble Soak Yes
Air WashMore Information... Yes
Baby Care Yes
Cotton Yes
Deodorization Yes
Eco Drum Clean Yes
Outdoor Care Yes
Rinse + Spin Yes
Super Eco Wash Yes
Synthetics Yes
Wool Yes
Additional Cycle Super Speed
Option List Prewash, Intensive
Sanitization Yes
Cotton Dry Yes
Synthetics Dry Yes
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 650
ecobubble™ TECHNOLOGY
ecobubble™ technology not only improves wash performance, it also reduces energy consumption and saves money when washing at lower temperatures. A bubble generator mixes air, water and detergent to form a rich soapy foam that can get cleaning power right to the fibres much faster than in normal washing machines that use a normal mix of water and detergent. These bubbles are able to penetrate fabrics much faster than a high concentration liquid, meaning wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results.
5 years parts and labour, subject to registration within 90 days of purchase
Useful InformationLike most modern washer dryers, this one is cold fill only. Some older washer dryers also have a hot water intake, but in reality, little hot water ever gets into these machines on most washes. This is because hot water cools rapidly in household water pipes, and by the time it starts to run hot the washing machine has almost finished filling. This is particularly true nowadays because modern washing machines use a lot less water than ever before.

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