Gorenje WHGC933E16XUK 90cm Chimney Hood (Discontinued)


  • Product code: WHGC933E16XUK
  • Colour - Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Extraction Rate (m³/h) - 392 - 462 depending on installation
  • Extraction Type - Ducted and Recirculation
  • Charcoal Filter for Re-circulation (included) - No
  • Guarantee - 2 years parts and labour
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You'll see the difference that curved glass makes to the effectiveness of the Gorenje WHGC933E16XUK 90cm Chimney Hood.

This appliance's shape allows the glass to overhang and capture more airborne grease, steam and odours, directing them into the centre of the hood.

The residue collected is absorbed by an aluminium filter, which is coated in polyurethane film which dissolves almost all grease particles and impurities.

The filter sits beneath the surface and can easily be removed, by unclipping the cover, then taken away for cleaning.

The Inox stainless steel material is covered in a TouchFree film, which prevents fingerprint markings. Hence, this product stays looking as good as new.

The hood allows you to clear the air at three different speed settings, accessed by mechanical controls, which should never exceed a maximum noise level of 59 decibels.

Two LED lamps, with six watts of power, illuminate the cooking area beneath the hood and is economical, evidenced by an A rating for lighting efficiency.

Grades of C have been awarded for grease filtering, fluid dynamic and energy efficiency, with an estimated annual consumption of just 55.1 kWh.

The hood can operate by recirculating or extracting air, so should be compatible for most living spaces including high-rise flats and apartments.

Recirculation requires an additional charcoal filter that removes any harmful vapours or smell, purifying the air to then pass back through the room.

Extraction requires ducting through an external wall to be directed outside and eliminates the need for carbon filters, which should be changed every four to six months.

Extraction rates on the Gorenje WHGC933E16XUK Chimney Hood

  • Fan speed one has an airflow by extraction version of 195 m/hr.
  • Fan speed two has an airflow by extraction version of 331 m/hr.
  • Fan speed three has an airflow by extraction version of 462 m/hr.
  • Maximum airflow created by the recirculation version is 392 m/hr.
  • Maximum airflow created by the extraction version is 462 m/hr.

Product Specification

Type 90cm Chimney Hood
Brand Gorenje
Model WHGC933E16XUK
Note We have a demonstration model of this item on display in our showroom available for you to view
Colour Touch Free Inox (Anti Fingerprint prevention)
Control Type Button
Number of Motors 1
Number of Speeds 3
LED Lights
Number of Lights 2
Grease Filter Material Washable Aluminimum
Energy Efficiency Class c
Noise Level (dB) 59
Maximum Extraction Capacity (m/h) 462
Charcoal Filter Code for Air Recirculation 530411
Ducting Kit Diameter (mm) 150
Grease Filter Code 576044
Height (mm) 550
Width (mm) 900
Depth (mm) 450
2 years parts and labour