Samsung AddWash WW80K5413UW Washing Machine (Discontinued)

  • Product code: WW80K5413UW
  • Colour - White with Crystal Gloss Door
  • Spin (rpm) - 1400
  • Capacity (kg) - 8
  • Delay Timer - Yes
  • AddWash
  • ecobubble™ Technology
  • Guarantee - 5 years parts and labour
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The WW80K5413UW washing machine is undoubtedly a worthy investment. An ample 8kg load capacity and considerable 1400rpm spin speed can easily accommodate busy family life while the classically attractive white finish and Crystal Gloss door ensures that it will sit pretty in any home.

Invest in Innovation

Samsung's innovative AddWash™ door is inarguably the most prominent feature of the WW80K5413UW. Easy, direct access into the drum is infinitely useful in a multiple of ways; any socks discovered a little too late can be simply dropped into the active wash, forgotten fabric softener can be added afterwards and clothes that only need a short rinse refresh can be popped in towards the end of the cycle to save on energy. Ecobubble™ technology adds to the machine's efficiency. By mixing detergent, air and water together, it creates a layer of bubbles that permeate fabric threads, providing thorough, caring cleaning even on a cooler temperature while a 30-minute Bubble Soak deeply penetrates fibres to loosen even the most stubborn stains, making for easy work on a standard wash afterwards. A clever delay end timer lets you take control of your day and a child lock protects little fingers (and your clothes) from harm, so you can multitask - or have a little you-time - without a worry.

Stay Smart with Samsung

The WW80K5413UW is both incredibly quiet and durable thanks to a powerful Digital Inverter Motor; with a reduced amount of moving parts, it's much less susceptible to developing faults while the low noise levels and smoothness of drum motion allow you to make the most of cost-effective night-time rates without forfeiting a restful sleep. Samsung's easily downloadable Smart Check is another example of conscientious design - by detecting and diagnosing small, solvable issues before they become a larger problem, it saves both time and money on potentially expensive engineer callouts, so you can keep a happy household. An exceptional A+++ energy efficiency rating is the cherry on top of this delightfully handy cake, cementing the WW80K5413UW as truly worthy home investment.

Benefits of the Samsung AddWash WW80K5413UW Washing Machine

  • The AddWash™ door allows direct access into the drum - great for forgotten items
  • Ecobubble™ technology provides thorough cleaning even on a cooler temperature
  • Samsung's Bubble Soak penetrates fibres to loosen even the most stubborn stains
  • This machine is both quiet and durable thanks to a powerful Digital Inverter Motor
  • Detect and diagnose issues before they become a larger problem with Smart Check

Product Specification

Type Washing Machine
Brand Samsung
Model AddWash WW80K5413UW
Also known as: WW80K5413UW
Colour White
Door Colour Crystal gloss
Capacity (kg) 8
Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
Delay End Yes
Child LockMore Information... Yes
Pre-wash Yes
Intensive Yes
Wool Yes
Dark Wash Yes
Dark Wash/Denim Yes
Delicates Yes
Synthetics Yes
Baby Yes
Duvet Yes
Super Eco Wash Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Spin Performance Class A
Noise Level Washing (dB) 53
Noise Level Spinning (dB) 74
Total Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 116
Water Consumption (l) 8100
Open the innovative AddWash™ door to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash* - whether that's a stray sock you missed, extra softner, or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.
*AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°
ecobubble™ TECHNOLOGY
ecobubble™ technology not only improves wash performance, it also reduces energy consumption and saves money when washing at lower temperatures. A bubble generator mixes air, water and detergent to form a rich soapy foam that can get cleaning power right to the fibres much faster than in normal washing machines that use a normal mix of water and detergent. These bubbles are able to penetrate fabrics much faster than a high concentration liquid, meaning wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results.
5 years parts and labour, subject to registration within 90 days of purchase
Useful InformationLike most modern washing machines, this one is cold fill only. Some older washers also have a hot water intake, but in reality, little hot water ever gets into these machines on most washes. This is because hot water cools rapidly in household water pipes, and by the time it starts to run hot the washing machine has almost finished filling. This is particularly true nowadays because modern washing machines use a lot less water than ever before.

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