Samsung AddWash WW90K7615OX Washing Machine (Discontinued)

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Samsung's newest wave of washing machines are the cutting edge of home laundry technology, offering an assortment of features that are both infinitely convenient and exceptionally efficient. Finished in their distinctive Inox colour and featuring a stylish Crystal Blue door, the WW90K7615OX is as handsome as it is helpful and would complete any modern kitchen or utility. A commodious 9kg load capacity is generous enough to support a busy household and, combined with a powerful 1600rpm spin speed, will deliver your clothes back immaculate.

A Superior Cycle

As well as incorporating a broad range of settings and programmes, the WW90K7615OX boasts ecobubble™ technology. Through mixing detergent, water and air, a layer of bubbles is formed to penetrate clothes fibres faster, making cooler, quicker washes sufficient for spotless laundry with every cycle. As well as being better for the environment and great for your bills, it also makes the Bubble Soak programme possible; by thoroughly permeating fabrics before a wash, even stubborn stains are loosened and thus easily eradicated without the need for high temperatures. Powerful cleaning is achievable in less than an hour with Samsung's Twin Water Supply in place to rapidly fill the drum, while the cleverly developed Spin Speed Rinse accelerates the cycle, cutting a standard wash down to almost half the time.

Most notable, however, is the exclusive (and incredibly innovative) AddWash™ door. Finding a stray sock post-loading need never be a niggling inconvenience again - with the easily accessible and safe drum door, you can simply drop the wayward item into the already-running wash. This can also be applied to fabric softener and clothes that only need a quick rinse, streamlining your routine for a happy, clean household.

Excellence in Efficiency

As with most aspects of modern life, connectivity is paramount. With Samsung's smartphone app able to transform your phone into a washing machine remote, you can take back control of your time; start and pause a cycle as well as keep a check on the programme status with ease, so you can effortlessly plan your washing around your day. An intelligent Smart Check feature is also available through this app that, by detecting and diagnosing small problems while they're still simple to fix, helps to prevent the need for costly engineer callouts. The WW90K7615OX also features a delay end time, so you can stay in control of your time.

This washing machine boasts a powerful Digital Inverter Motor that has less components and thus makes less noise. Maintenance is kept to a minimum with much fewer opportunities for breakages and, with a smoother drum action, your clothes are better cared for. It's also an excellently efficient piece of engineering, earning the WW90K7615OX an A+++ energy rating and coming in top of the class as an all-round ideal investment.

Benefits of the Samsung AddWash WW90K7615OX Washing Machine

  • Ecobubble™ technology delivers spotless laundry even with a cool, quick wash
  • Eradicate even stubborn stains without high temperatures with Bubble Soak
  • Powerful cleaning is achievable in less than an hour with Samsung's Twin Water Supply
  • The AddWash™ door lets you simply drop a forgotten item into an active wash
  • A powerful Digital Inverter Motor has less components and thus makes less noise

Product Specification

Type Washing Machine
Brand Samsung
Model AddWash WW90K7615OX
Also known as: WW90K7615OX
Colour Inox
Door Colour Crystal blue
Capacity (kg) 9
Spin Speed (rpm) 1600
Delay End Yes
Child LockMore Information... Yes
Pre-wash Yes
Intensive Yes
Wool Yes
Dark Wash Yes
Dark Wash/Denim Yes
Delicates Yes
Synthetics Yes
Baby Yes
Duvet Yes
Super Eco Wash Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Spin Performance Class A
Noise Level Washing (dB) 52
Noise Level Spinning (dB) 76
Total Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 151
Water Consumption (l) 9400

Open the innovative AddWash™ door to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash* - whether that's a stray sock you missed, extra softner, or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.
*AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°

Samsung's ecobubble™ VRT™ washing machines feature advanced Vibration Reduction Technology™, using a system of sensors or ball bearings to balance the drum when washing larger load sizes. This means that vibration and noise levels are significantly reduced, even at high spin speeds, meaning your machine is quieter, more durable and more efficient.

ecobubble™ TECHNOLOGY
ecobubble™ technology not only improves wash performance, it also reduces energy consumption and saves money when washing at lower temperatures. A bubble generator mixes air, water and detergent to form a rich soapy foam that can get cleaning power right to the fibres much faster than in normal washing machines that use a normal mix of water and detergent. These bubbles are able to penetrate fabrics much faster than a high concentration liquid, meaning wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results.
5 years parts and labour, subject to registration within 90 days of purchase
Useful InformationLike most modern washing machines, this one is cold fill only. Some older washers also have a hot water intake, but in reality, little hot water ever gets into these machines on most washes. This is because hot water cools rapidly in household water pipes, and by the time it starts to run hot the washing machine has almost finished filling. This is particularly true nowadays because modern washing machines use a lot less water than ever before.