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Integrated Washing Machines

Amica's integrated washing machines fit conveniently behind your counter without causing clutter or ruining the aesthetic of your kitchen. As well as being discretely hidden, these machines are easily accessible, have good energy efficiency, and a wide choice of programmes to perfectly match your laundry needs.

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Amica integrated washers

Integrated Washer Dryer

When you have got a huge pile of dirty clothes, Amica's selection of washer dryers will help you to wash and dry them all on laundry day. An integrated washer dryer blends into your cabinets, giving your kitchen a clean and minimal design.

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Integrated Freezers

All Amica's integrated freezers ensure that you can save your home-cooked meals for those hectic weeknights. They all have a generous capacity, allowing you to keep plenty of your favourite food for longer with several storage compartments. These models also have a good energy rating which makes them highly efficient for your home.

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Amica integrated Freezers

Integrated Fridge Freezers

If you are after a fridge freezer which can be discretely integrated into your kitchen cupboard or cabinet, look no further! Amica offers quite a few models with different fridge-to-freezer ratios. This allows you to store food away quickly and keep it at optimum temperature. Some of these fridge freezers include adjustable shelves, enabling you to adjust the interior to suit your needs and accommodate products of diverse sizes.

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Freestanding Fridge Freezers

Make your chilled and frozen food more accessible with Amica's extensive choice of freestanding fridge freezers. With an array of sizes available, it is easy to choose a model which has enough capacity for the volume of food that you and your family consume. And, because they are freestanding, installation is hassle-free and they can be moved without difficulty.

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Amica Freestanding fridge freezers

Electric cookers

Amica cookers provide quality and innovation. Each model offers a choice of a single or twin oven and 4 hobs with either a 50cm or 60cm width. There are also plenty of modern features which enable you to cook food exactly the way you want. Plus, all cookers come complete with a Procook roasting tray to give you the best results when baking or roasting.

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Amica Electric Cookers


With Amica's built-in single ovens, you can produce a whole range of cooking styles for your family. Every oven in this collection is multifunctional and lets you bake, roast, and grill. This ensures that you can choose the optimum setting for your recipe. In addition, the rapid pre-heat option means that the desired temperature is achieved in less time.

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Amica Ovens

Ceramic Hobs

A contemporary, high-quality, frameless glass surface ensures that these Amica ceramic hobs are easy to clean. They feature a simple touch control, allowing you to adjust the power level and make accurate changes to the temperature of the hob. This range also includes a host of other features such as a child lock function and timer for a safe and smooth cooking process.

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Amica Ceramic Hobs

Electric Hobs

Completing everyday cooking tasks is quick and easy with our Amica electric hobs. The collection has a variety of safety features built-in which make them ideal for families with babies and young children. Also, because there are no pan supports, pans can be put directly onto the hob. This means that they are better balanced and can be moved from each zone with no trouble.

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Gas Hobs

Amica gas hobs are practical, functional and simple to use. With automatic ignition, the multiple zones are powerful and provide instant heat. This means that you can simmer, fry and boil food like a professional chef. Choose from a variety of colours and finishes including enamel or cast iron supports to complement the style of your kitchen.

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Amica Gas Hobs

Induction Hobs

Cook food promptly and efficiently with our Amica induction hobs. Whatever your cooking requirements, these hobs are extremely responsive and allow you to change the temperature effortlessly with touch controls. Additionally, there are residual heat indicators across the collection which inform you which parts of the surface are too hot to touch.

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