AEG AutoDose

AEG Autodose

Take the guess work out of detergent dispensing with the AutoDose function found in AEG's laundry appliances. This clever feature calls upon bulit-in sensors, which accurately weighs the loadin the drum and calibrates the dose of detergent and softner required. The time, water and energy consumption are measured and adjusted to suit, while only the exact amount of cleaning agents is released.

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AEG Autodose

AEG Keeping Whites White


Underdosing or, indeed, overdosing on detergent can have a detrimental effect on garments, particularly after the first 10 washes. Whites can turn grey and the ageing process may happen a whole lot earlier, but AutoDose is there to solve that problem. Only the correct dose can keep clothes looking as good as new for longer, so leave the mathematics of the equation to the machine.

AEG My Care App


Customise your laundry tasks on the move with the AEG My Care app, which is downloadable from the Google Play or App Store. Either an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet can be paired with AEG's Wi-Fi enabled machines, enabling a host of additional options including AutoDose choices. The app can change settings, shift between manual and automatic dosage and send refill notifications when the ingredients are running low. It's washing by remote control.

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