Baumatic at Marks Electrical

Baumatic integrated washing machine


Baumatic continues to build on a reputation as veterans of style with their latest line of washer dryers and tumble dryers. Sporting a number of freestanding and integrated models, which come in a range of finishes, any of these appliances will make an impression in your kitchen.

With Fuzzy Logic technology, you can be sure that clothes are being expertly washed every time; loads are automatically analysed and wash conditions are adjusted for the most effective clean possible.

Explore our range of tumble dryers.

Baumatic refrigeration


Find everything from a sleek fridge freezer to an elegant wine cooler with the expansive range of Baumatic refrigeration appliances. A number of integrated and freestanding models are available, ensuring you can have the perfect fit for your home decor.

Appliances are designed to deliver quiet performance and great efficiency, all whilst championing the unique Baumatic style. The range of wine coolers, in particular, offer an added luxury to any room - perfectly chilled wines to your preference.

Discover fridges, freezers, fridge freezers and wine coolers.

Baumatic built-in oven


Built-in ovens offer convenient cooking in a small form-factor. There are a number of models to choose from, each with a stylised front fascia in popular colours - perfect for adding that extra edge to decor.

We have both electric and gas ovens available, each with a number of available cooking functions and efficient operation as standard. Intuitive LED displays and rotary dials enable you to get the most out of your new oven.

Get cooking with a stylish built-in electric oven from Baumatic.

Baumatic microwave


Whether you want a freestanding microwave to round out your cooking arsenal or an integrated combination microwave that doubles up as a grill, Baumatic has a range of appliances to suit your needs.

Each microwave is simple to use, with intuitive controls to get you cooking right away. Of course, the signature Baumatic design is on full display with all of these appliances.

Explore the Baumatic range of freestanding and built in microwaves.

Baumatic gas hob


Baumatic hobs come in a range of styles and types, giving you plenty of choices when looking to buy a built-in hob; gas, ceramic, induction and solid plate hobs are all available at attractive price points.

Furthermore, a number of domino hobs allow you to create a personalised array - each feature the sleek black glass design to ensure complementary aesthetic. Whichever hob you choose you can be sure it will look superb in your modern kitchen.

View our range of ceramic, gas, induction, solid plate and domino hobs.

Baumatic chimney hood


Complete your kitchen with an incredible cooker hood from Baumatic. As one of the top manufacturers of hoods in the UK, you can be sure that quality and performance is excellent across the Baumatic range, with affordable and premium models available.

Furthermore, many of these hoods can be set to either extract or recirculate odours, enabling you to tailor operation to meet your needs.

Discover the perfect hood for you, from chimney, island, canopy, integrated, telescopic and traditional design.

Baumatic warming drawer


Explore a number of superb Baumatic accessories. Stylish splashbacks help to set the tone of your kitchen decor, whilst providing an easy to clean surface that protects your walls.

Exquisite warming drawers offer additional utility in your home; capable of heating up to 70°C, Baumatic warming drawers can be used to melt and simmer food, as well as gently raising dough for baking. Baumatic even manufactures accessories for your cooker hoods, including filters and ducting kits for extraction installation.

Give your kitchen an extra edge with warming drawers, splashbacks or Baumatic accessories.

Baumatic Kitchen Appliances


Formed in 1992, Baumatic has created an incredible brand identity in a record time. With quality products ranging across the entire domestic spectrum, it’s no wonder that many consider Baumatic a big name.

A key focus on design sets Baumatic appliances apart from the rest, with subtle yet effective choices that can make a big impression on your home. Marks Electrical is proud to stock a huge range of Baumatic products, ensuring you get the latest models from this esteemed brand.