Hisense's 100 inch Laser TV is a show-stopper on display

Weve put a unique 4K Laser TV on a big stage with this 100 inch Hisense television now a part of the Marks Electrical showroom.

We've given the Hisense H100LDAUK 100 inch Laser Television some pride of place and it certainly isn't your average set. Size does matter, in this instance.

Put together an ultra short-throw projector, a huge high-gain screen with a built-in sound system, that joins up to an external subwoofer, and you've got quite an attraction.

This all-in-one functionality comes together to create a very different viewing experience at the resolution, which can still deliver over a million colours.

The laser projector is the one trusted upon to produce brightness levels, which has an output of up to 3,000 nits when beamed onto the high-reflection screen.

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A multi-layered panel structure of the screen itself takes the light from the projector and channels if back towards the viewer, while deflecting ambient rays away.

The glare is suppressed enough to produce images that shine more than a lot of LCD alternatives can manage, regardless of the environment.

The blue laser light source widens the colour gamut to express over 95 per cent of the shades and tones found in the digital movie spectrum.

Colours are, indeed, a property of light and there's a phosphor filter on board, with activating material that emits a further beam when contrast is high.

The laser light is fed into a single-chip DLP projection engine, which is more than capable of delivering 4K HDR in Ultra HD.

HDR10 is supported and there are four high dynamic range picture pre-sets in night, day, dynamic and game that can be called upon. HLG (hybrid log gamma) is also compatible.

Motion handling is fluid and free-flowing through MEMC estimation and compensation, which helps to make home cinema and entertainment seamless.

Double flashing conveys individual frames twice per second, with minimal stuttering or flickering, and has compatibility with 3D content.

The projector's built-in audio system, which has been developed in conjunction with JBL, possesses a duo of 10 watt speakers and decodes the Dolby Digital Plus feature set.

The wireless subwoofer can summon another 60 watts of power, which brings deep bass from lower frequencies as the building ground for fantastic sound.

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The projector contains a quad core processor and the software for a Vidaa U Smart User Interface, with a built-in TV tuner.

Buttons for Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix and Freeview Play are all on the included remote control, so shows and films alike are never far away.

Call in, at any time during opening hours, and you can see this amazing alternative to LCD and OLED screens for yourself. We're open seven days a week.

You can't miss us on Boston Road in Beaumont Leys, Leicester, where we have a host of 4K and 8K TVs and modern appliances in-store.

There's also one of those awesome Laser TVs in our huge warehouse, boxed up and ready to go. Buy it now here.



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Hisense's 100 inch Laser TV is a show-stopper on display