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Is the Future of our Kitchens Smart?

Ever since iPhones were introduced almost 10 years ago, Smart technology has slowly been integrated into our lives. With its rise, we’re starting to see interactive TVs, audio systems and just about anything that can connect to our phone. Some ideas can genuinely revolutionise the way we live our lives; Smart TVs are a great piece of kit for any home, letting you connect to the internet and apps for endless streaming fun. Most of us are used to Smart TVs and we have a great article here giving a rundown of the best ones. Now Smart products have found their way into the kitchen - so what's really worth it?

Samsung RF56K9540SR American Fridge Freezer

You know you’ve reached adulthood when you start getting excited about fridges. Besides being an immensely sized American fridge freezer with superior functionality, there’s also a 21.5 inch touchscreen interface which basically works like a giant Android tablet.

Integrated cameras stream the interior and can either send the feed to the main display or your phone; when you're at the supermarket you can check what's in the fridge at home and stock up on what the family’s eaten. But what about when you’re already in the kitchen? You can catch up on your favourite shows or watch live programmes while preparing dinner by pairing this with your Samsung Smart TV. With 5W high-quality speakers and the option to connect this to a Samsung speaker, the audio will sound just as good as your TV. If watching shows in the kitchen isn’t for you, perhaps try streaming apps to keep your music as fresh as your food.

This all sounds hi-tech but at £3499, it's a high cost to storing food - not for everyone. As a functional fridge freezer, the Samsung RF56K9540SR is one to be reckoned with; the addition of some great (and maybe slightly gimmicky) tools for you to play around with means you can also have some fun with your fridge. Alt Tag

Bosch HRG6769S6B Built-In Single Oven

There are some great ovens out there designed by Bosch that offer style and functionality. However, unlike others, this one can be controlled by your phone or tablet while you're out and about with the Home Connect app. You can take control wirelessly by simply connecting the oven to your WiFi network, eliminating the age-old question – did I leave the oven on? With the app, you'll also have access to plenty of recipes from around the world and cooking tricks to make you an expert in no time.

Overall, the HRG6769S6B looks like a great oven with a beautifully sleek finish and a modern electronic display - the only problem is that anyone can connect using WiFi. Unfortunately, Bosch doesn't explain what safety features this has but as long as there's no risk of faults (and for over £1000, there shouldn't be) this just might revolutionise how we cook. If we've piqued your interest, you can check it out (and buy it) on our website here.

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The Mellow is controlled from your smartphone or tablet and works like a slow cooker that achieves high-quality food sans-stress. Just seal your ingredients in the plastic bag provided, pop it in the water, tell Mellow what you're cooking, set the time you want to eat and it’ll do the rest. You can even tell it exactly how to cook meat so that delicious food done your way is ready right when you walk through the door. After each meal, Mellow will ask you on the app how well it performed to see if your food was over or undercooked. Over time, it will find the optimal settings for the perfect meal - just to suit your needs. The RRP is currently $599 in America but unfortunately, we currently don't have a price or launch date for the UK - fingers crossed it’s not too long.

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The CUPTIME 2, a technological anomaly if there ever was one. This Smart cup updates your phone with how much you drink throughout the day to help you to achieve your goals. Overall the aesthetic is quite stylish and gives a Sci-fi vibe. Apart from the look, the only thing I feel for this is discontent. The “cutting-edge” technology is worth £65 - that’s £65 for a cup that sends you constant reminders and congratulates you when you reach your water intake target. The market for this is niche, and maybe it might just be for you, but this feels very much like skyrocketing the price of an average item by connecting it to the internet. Those of us that don't need technology to tell us how much we drink a day probably deem this just too expensive and unnecessary but variety is the spice of life, after all.

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Final Thoughts

Here at Marks Electrical, we're excited to see where technology is taking us and at the rates of development, it has the potential to completely revolutionise our lives within the next few years. For those looking to modernise the home, investing in Smart technology for either entertainment or time-saving appliances may be the step forward. Top brands like LG, Samsung and Sony are user-friendly and will certainly give your house the wow factor. Although you are paying a premium cost, the possibility of software updates will mean these appliances won't go out of date anytime soon - we just won't spend £65 on a cup.

We'd love to know what you think - tell us what smart appliance you're excited to get your hands on?


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