Culina Ovens


Whether you want to cook with electric or gas, you'll find what you're looking for with Culina's range of handy built-in ovens. Their products capture what an integrated appliance of this nature should be about, with clever features that are simple to master. Whether conventional or fan-forced baking, roasting and grilling is what you need, there will be something for you among these goods. They look great as part of a fitted kitchen and would serve any household well, so make a Culina built-in oven a part of your home today.

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Culina Ovens

Wine Coolers

There's many a wine connoisseur among us and we all want our favourite tipple to taste as good as it possibly can. You'll find Culina wine coolers big and small to help do exactly that among this selection, all of which will make sure each bottle is chilled to perfection.

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Culina Microwaves


A good built-in microwave can cut down on cooking times and became an important part of any fitted kitchen. At eye level, they do most of the work for you. Not only do these Culina items perform the basics so well, they can also lend a helping hand as a guide to help you prepare meals quickly and easily.

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Culina Hoods


Having a smoky or greasy kitchen is not cool at all, but you can call upon Culina's extensive range of hoods to ensure that doesn't happen. Whether it's chimney, canopy or island hoods, ceiling or downdraft extracts, these products will expel airborne grease, steam and odours effectively. They come in shapes and sizes to suit any environment and keep the air fresh and welcoming in any home. If the cooker is in constant use, it's a practical choice.

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Culina Hobs


Take your pick from gas, ceramic and induction hobs among this range, which also includes Culina's two-burner Domino hob. With this you've got the option to boil, sear and fry with gas, cook on a ceramic surface that glows or use the electro-magnetic properties of an induction hob. The dinky Domino hob is a perfect choice for when space is an issue, but still possesses a significant degree of power. You'll find your ideal stove here.

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Culina Accessories


You'll find any accompaniments needed to complement and get the most out of your Culina products here. Splashbacks, for instance, protect the wall behind the cooker.

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