Miele Hoods

Product Highlights

Con@ctivity 2.0

As part of a communicative kitchen, the fan output can be directly controlled by the hob settings.

Stainless steel grease filters (10-layer)

High-quality metal filters can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher for a convenient, hygienic kitchen.

Miele CleanCover

Located behind the grease filters, the CleanCover is incredibly safe and easy to keep clean.


Motors, chimneys and canopies are specially insulated for remarkably quiet extraction.

LED spotlights

Durable and efficient, Miele's LED lights illuminate your hob with bright, warm light.

Active AirClean filter

Keep an airy, welcoming kitchen by absorbing and eradicating odours in recirculation mode.

Buying Guide & Installation Advice

Miele Cooker Hoods - Buying Guide

This video is here to talk you through important points about what to consider when buying and installing a cooker hood. By looking at ventilation type, extraction rate and key design issues, you can make sure you choose the right model for your kitchen.

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