Miele Integrated Dishwashers

Product Highlights

Patented 3D cutlery tray

Miele's intelligent cutlery tray boasts variable width, height and depth for truly tailored dishwashing.

Patented 3D cutlery tray+

The centre section can be easily lowered and features a row of cutlery spikes for absolute versatility.


For when you need crockery quick, lightly-soiled dishes are made spotless in just 58 minutes.

Superior energy efficiency

With an A+++ energy rating, Miele is one of the most economical dishwasher options on the market.

Freshwater dishwashers - water consump. from 6.5 l

The Automatic programme optimises water usage, ensuring great results with minimum consumption.

EcoTech heat reservoir: A+++ -20%

Get remarkable cleaning and drying performance with incredibly low electricity and water usage.


Just knock twice and the handle-less door will open. Only on built in fully integrated models.


4 powerful LEDs bathe the interior in light for optimal loading and the best clean possible.

Patented AutoOpen drying

After a cycle, the door will open automatically to let fresh air completely dry your dishes.