Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Product Highlights

Cleaning performance

Miele's unique design allows for powerful vacuuming with low power usage.


A multi-stage filtration system cleans the air the vacuum expels for a fresher home.


Rigorous testing and extensive quality checks ensures your Miele vacuum lives a long, reliable life.

Comfort handle

Attached to the hose, the ergonomic handle will allow for easy manoeuvrability and smoother control.

DynamicDrive swivel castors

Rubberised wheels keep the driving gentle, whilst absorbing shock to protect your flooring.

Silence setting

Sound insulation and the reduced-noise motor will let you clean an anytime of the day.


The compact design will minimise the space required to store your Miele vacuum cleaner.

Smart Navigation

Miele's robotic cleaners have an intelligent navigation system that gets into even hard to reach places.


The Scout RX1 robotic cleaner can be set to work even when no one is home.

Triple Cleaning System

Thanks to a combination of sweeping, brushing and vacuuming, the Scout RX1 combats dirt and dust.

Furniture Protection Technology

Smart sensors in the RX1 learn to avoid furniture to prevent collisions, falls and damage.

Non-Stop Power

Featuring a lithium-ion battery, the Scout RX1 lasts up to 2 hours (covering up to 150m2) non-stop.

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