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Never overdose on detergent again with Miele's intelligent 2-phase automatic dispensing system.

The patented Miele honeycomb drum

The sculpted drum interior allows clothes to gentle glide on a thin film of water for gentle care.


Pre-portioned capsules ensure just the right amount of detergent, fabric conditioner and additives.


The QuickPowerWash will leave your clothes clean in less than an hour - perfect for last minute plans.

Stains Option

Eradicate 23 common, everyday stains with Miele's range of specially engineered appliances.

PowerWash 2.0

Appliances with PowerWash 2.0 use Spin&Spray technology to economise on water consumption.

Thermal honeycomb drum

Pre-iron and Steam functions deliver smoothed, beautifully cared-for garments.

Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use

Rigorous testing and extensive quality checks ensures your Miele appliance lives a long, reliable life.

Extra quiet

Wash your clothes at night and make the most of lower energy rates with the Extra Quiet option.

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