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Miele Laundry Laundry

Experience true quality, synonymous with the name Miele, across their entire range of washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. Featuring a number of technologies exclusive to Miele products, you'll enjoy a premium level of performance, efficiency and care with every wash. Every single Miele product-line is rigorously tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use, ensuring your appliance is built to last.

Explore Miele washing machines, washer dryers, dryers and Irons.

Miele Refrigeration Refrigeration

Keep meat, fish, poultry and dairy fresh for up to 3x longer with PerfectFresh refrigeration while a humidity-controlled compartment creates an optimum environment for fruit and veg storage. Enjoy eco- and pocket-friendly food preservation with exceptional efficiency on selected fridge freezers. Miele's innovative FlexiLight - LED lighting - gives unparalleled interior illumination without glare and with every cavity designed to maximise space, find your perfect cooling appliance no matter your budget.

View our fridges, fridge freezers and freezers.

Miele Dishwashers Dishwashers

With the unique 3D Cutlery Tray, patented AutoOpen drying feature and overall design, every dishwasher is filled with time-saving features to enrich your kitchen. Miele dishwashers are spacious, stylish and smart - brilliantly washed and dried dishes are all but guaranteed with the GlassCare and SensorDry features; each actively monitors and alters the cycle to ensure gentle cleaning during a wash before thorough drying.

See our freestanding dishwashers and integrated dishwashers.

Miele Ovens Ovens

Cook with more precision using the exclusive Moisture Plus feature. Cooking is optimised with higher levels of moisture, assisting the cooking process of many foods. Miele built-in ovens come in various styles to suit your home; choose from electric or steam cooking, along with compact ovens for hassle-free integration into a space-conscious kitchen. Every Miele oven comes with the best features to ensure you can let your creativity flow.

Explore Miele electric and steam ovens.

Miele Hobs Hobs

One of the most noticeable aspects of any kitchen, finding the right style of hob is essential to bring your kitchen design together. Whether you want the rustic look and feel of a gas hob, the ease of use that ceramic hobs offer, or the contemporary edge and accurate heating that induction hobs provide, every Miele hob has the same attention to detail and superb cooking performance - every choice is a right choice with our range of Miele hobs.

View our range of ceramic, gas and induction hobs.

Miele Microwaves Microwaves

Miele's range of built-in and freestanding microwaves are both luxurious and convenient. A choice of combination, grill and steam microwave ovens cover all cooking bases and budgets. Every Miele microwave offers a specially-designed selection of programmes - including Auto Roast, Gentle Bake and Popcorn. The PureLine and ContourLine built-in microwaves perfectly match the ovens in those ranges to make for a beautifully streamlined kitchen.

View the full range of microwaves or built in microwaves.

Miele Warming Drawers Warming Drawers

Warm cups and plates, maintain food warmth and utilise low-temperature cooking. Bring out the aromatic flavours of veal and fish, defrost safely and gently cook lamb, beef and poultry - you could even prove yeast dough, make yoghurt and dissolve gelatin for a truly impressive spread. Combined with Miele's usual array of convenient features, warming drawers are the perfect kitchen accompaniment for those that love to entertain. Vacuum drawers are also available for ideal storage, portioning, marinating and re-closing.

View the wide variety of warming drawers.

Miele Coffee-Machine Coffee Machines

Miele offers 2 tried-and-tested coffee preparation systems, bean-to-cup and Nespresso. Both benefit from Miele's ComfortDoor; granting convenient access to the removable water container, drip tray and the waste container, maintenance, replenishment and cleaning is made effortless. Many components of the machines are also dishwasher-proof. With either system, you can enjoy intense espresso, deliciously creamy cappuccino and long coffee, ensuring your favourite mug is filled to start the day right.

Discover Miele built in and freestanding coffee machines.

Miele Wine Coolers Wine Coolers

Up to 3 independent temperature zones in 1 cooler allows you to store your red, white and champagne in the same appliance, saving space whilst providing the optimum environment for each. FlexiFrame allows individual slats to be adjusted to perfectly support any bottle shape while a customisable magnetic label for each shelf gives a convenient overview of your wines. Miele's Active AirClean filter uses active charcoal and chitosan to eliminate almost all smells, for impeccable preservation.

View the full range of wine coolers.

Miele Hoods Hoods

Explore a wide range of different styles, from chimney and island hoods to telescopic, canopy and integrated models, and accessorise your oven and hob with an equally exquisite hood. The vapours that rise from food during cooking can contain all manner of other substances, which rest on furniture and appliances. Ensuring that everything is extracted effectively as you cook is the key to a happy kitchen and Miele hoods offer stellar performance.

View the wide variety of cooker hoods.

Miele Vacuums Vacuum Cleaners

With the perfect mix of stylish design and powerful cleaning, all Miele vacuum cleaners have exclusive features to set them apart. The DynamicDrive swivel castors protect your floor, thanks to rubberised wheels and shock-absorbing swivel castors. Furthermore, the user-friendly cable rewind and comfort handle let you control your vacuum with ease.

Discover Miele vacuum cleaners and robotic cleaners.

Miele Accessories Accessories

Treat your new Miele appliance with official Miele accessories. Miele's own specially-designed UltraPhase detergents are the best way to clean laundry when using a Miele washing machine's TwinDos system. Hyclean 3D Dustbags are the best partner to a sleek Miele vacuum cleaner, offering excellent cleaning performance and a built-in air-filter too.

View the full range of accessories.


Miele Philosophy


Miele has a tireless devotion to delivering premium quality appliances and this is one of the many reasons why loyalty to the German brand is so high. Miele manufactures appliances for the kitchen and utility room as well as floor care. These products are thoroughly tested and designed to last for 20 years. Once you've used a Miele appliance, you'll quickly realise that there is more to Miele than just a company; the care that the largest family-owned appliance manufacturer takes is clear to be seen.

Miele sustainability


Miele aims to be one of the most sustainable companies within the domestic appliance industry and this is an essential part of their brand identity. Each year Miele produce a sustainability report to ensure that the sustainability-related issues affecting the company are transparent to stakeholders, customers, employees and business partners.

Miele Awards

Awards & Test Wins

Miele strive for ongoing improvement and this strategy is demonstrated by the many awards that they have won over the years. Some of the most recent ones include Which? Best Home Appliance Brand 2017, iF Design Award 2017, Universal Design Expert Award 2017 and the Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Miele History


Throughout Miele's remarkable 100-year history one thing has remained at the heart of all their endeavours, the company's ethos; 'Immer Besser', which translated means forever better.

Miele Management


The company was formed in 1899 and is currently led by five Managing Directors Dr. Stefan Breit, Dr. Markus Miele, Olaf Bartsch, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, and Dr. Axel Kniehl.

Miele Locations


Miele is well known across the world and is represented by company-owned sales organisations and those who import their products.

Miele Which best home appliance of the year 2017


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