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Rangemaster has stayed true to their heritage for over 200 years, drawing from skills passed on throughout the centuries to deliver unfalteringly high quality and beautifully crafted appliances. Built from a reservoir of experience and a passion for good living, they aim to not just make daily life a little easier, but enjoyable.

Range Cookers

While the Classic range offers traditional styling combined with modern engineering, the Classic Deluxe models have a little extra innovation thrown into the mix. With varying fuel types and a beautiful palette of colours to choose from, you can pick exactly the right cooker for you.

The Elan is gorgeously traditional, harking back to yesteryear with elegant lines and ornamental detailing. Available in varying fuel types, the Elan 110 and Elan 90 boast beautifully sculptured control knobs and a variety of burners as diverse as your tastes.

The Elise range has features that will delight experienced chefs and budding bakers alike the elegant chrome fittings and an array of colours will be sure to earn the envy of your friends. The Elise 100 Induction won Best Kitchen and Household Product at the House Beautiful Awards 2013.

The Kitchener has certainly been developed over the last couple of centuries, but the central concept remains the same. Improved with modern engineering methods and some additional features, the Kitchener is available in 90, 100 and 110cm width sizes as well as ceramic and dual fuel types.

The Nexus model comes in an 110cm width, dual fuel and 4 superbly understated colour choices: Slate, Stainless Steel, Gloss Black and White. It delivers all the reliability and consistency of traditional cooking while offering a sleek, thoroughly contemporary look.

The Professional and Pro Deluxe are the zenith of range cookers, complete with every conceivable feature to make light work of chef-level culinary exploration. Coming in a selection of sizes, colours and fuel types, it truly is the ultimate in home cooking.


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Rangemaster's range of built under refrigeration is sure to have an appliance to meet your demands, seamlessly becoming a reliable part of daily life. The built under range is a modern product born of old values, placing quality at the helm of their engineering efforts.


While Rangemaster made their name through their eponymous cookers, they have in recent years diversified themselves. Branching out as far as dishwashers, they lovingly pour all the same engineering expertise and passionate design into their newer products.

Rangemaster's dishwashers are specifically designed to match perfectly their other appliances. However, they're not just a pretty face; loaded with functions and made of only the highest quality materials, they're a sure home investment.


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If the kitchen of your dreams is fitted, a built-in oven is an absolute necessity. Rangemaster has created a selection of feature-rich ovens that are both beautifully contemporary and intelligently engineered, providing a versatility as wide-ranging as your tastes.


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Complete your cooker with a practical flourish and choose a Rangemaster cooker hood. As well as sitting pretty above your new oven, they're designed to keep your kitchen smoke and odour free for a fresh, welcoming air in the heart of your home.


These freestanding cookers prove that you can have the best of both worlds. The responsiveness of gas combined with range cooker functionality is a convenient combination while the size reduction is space-savvy where the traditional cookers are not.

If a range cooker is too large for your kitchen, look instead at this electric option. Compact, classy and entirely convenient, get double-oven versatility as well as a gorgeously classic aesthetic, all encased in solid, reliable Rangemaster craftsmanship.

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About Rangemaster

The Rangemaster oven is deeply rooted in British history and still stands as a firm favourite today. The Kitchener cast iron cooker was debuted in 1830 to be hailed as a cornerstone of domestic innovation, developing over 20 years to be exhibited to Queen Victoria herself and resulting in thoroughly impressing the Duchess of Gloucester - so much so that one was ordered for Kensington Palace. Fast forward to today and they're a far-reaching brand, branching out into refrigeration and dishwashing as well as modernising their cookers to suit the demands of the 21st century. Despite this, they have remained loyal to their legacy.

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