Their innovations have updated the traditional refrigerator to reflect modern living and design aesthetics. Committed to keeping food fresher for longer, Haier's Fresher Techs lock in nutrients and extend food life by up to 7 days. Their depth of range means there's something for everyone - from big American style, multi-door combis and chest freezers, to single-door fridge freezers and wine coolers.



Never manually defrost again with Haier's Total No Frost. More advanced than traditional "frost free" technology, multiple air flows maintain consistent temperature in all compartments to ensure frost never builds up.


Isolated drawer compartment within the fridge with an independent temperature control, giving the freedom to chill favourites at temperatures between -1℃ and +1℃.


Extend food life by up to 7 days! The Dry Zone maintains low humidity which creates an optimal environment to store foods such as cheese and meat. The Humidity Zone uses Haier's Humidity Control System (HCS) to keep moisture levels high, perfect for most fruits and vegetables. Keeping foods in the correct conditions preserves nutrients and freshness, saving you money on replacing items.


There's two common themes running through Haier's modern range of laundry appliances. Firstly, from its washing machines and washer dryers, to its combi washer dryers and condenser dryers, Haier products are designed to meet the vigorous challenges of 21st century living. Reliability is key. Secondly, through intelligent design and engineering, Haier's innovative laundry range is highly energy-efficient, being economical with both water usage and power consumption. This all adds up to cheaper running costs for you, the end user, and great news for the planet.



Haier is committed to producing energy-efficient appliances. This means a reduced carbon footprint and long-term cost saving on your water and energy bills.


The Haier Wavedrum penetrates clothes with 'waves' of water. It enables top-end washing performances, yet is as gentle as cotton wool on your clothes.


Ensure bacteria around the lining of the drum is kept to a minimum. Haier uses anti-bacterial treatment in the production of the gasket, thus providing a clean surrounding for your clothes.

Who are we?


The Haier brand is now the world's largest manufacturer of white goods - not bad when you consider its humble beginnings in 1984 as the Qingdao Refrigerator Co. In 2019 Haier was named the number one in home appliances worldwide for the 11th consecutive year.

From washing machines and dishwashers, to fridges and microwaves, Haier is the choice for millions across the world who demand innovative, long-lasting kitchen appliances at affordable prices.

Marks Electrical stocks a massive range of reliable, and innovative Haier products. From refrigeration, including wine coolers, to an extensive laundry range which includes tumble dryers and washer dryers.

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