Take the guess work out of detergent dispensing with the AutoDose function found in AEG's laundry appliances. This clever feature calls upon bulit-in sensors, which accurately weighs the loadin the drum and calibrates the dose of detergent and softner required. The time, water and energy consumption are measured and adjusted to suit, while only the exact amount of cleaning agents is released.

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The Best in Laundry Care

Every garment deserves the best level of care, whether it is your go-to shirt to relax in or that one-of-a-kind outfit. AEG laundry appliances are designed to clean gently and effectively at all times, giving you much-needed peace of mind that your laundry is being looked after.

Your Clothes Protected

ÖKOMix technology makes the most of your detergent and fabric softener by pre-mixing it with water before entering the drum. This creates a cleaning solution that will reach deeper into fabrics during the wash cycle, improving cycle efficiency and leaving your clothes beautifully clean. Additionally, wash temperatures can be brought down to as low as 30°C without compromising results, to ensure your garments are treated gently throughout.

Can I Wash Wool in my AEG Machine?

The Woolmark association have given AEG washing machines the Woolmark Apparel Care label - a sign that AEG machines are gentle enough that even hand-wash woollens are left in pristine condition after a cycle. No felting, shrinking or fraying.

ProSteam Technology

Refresh clothes with the power of steam in select AEG washing machines. The gentle-acting steam cycle will reduce creasing, deodorise and revitalise slightly-worn items - perfect for a shirt that needs freshening up quickly.

Freshness Throughout

The key to any refrigerator is reliable performance and effective cooling. AEG has created a number of technologies to optimise storage of your favourite items, locking in freshness for longer-lasting and better-tasting food.

TwinTech® Taste

The right temperature is vital to storing food at its very best, but it also takes the right level of humidity. AEG TwinTech fridge freezers carefully maintain the right balance of temperature and humidity to provide the best possible environment for long-term storage. Fridge and freezer compartments are individually controlled to give tailored cooling as required.

Total Control with CustomFlex™

Models with CustomFlex door drawers allow you to customise your storage options to your heart's content. The array of varying sized compartments can be moved and attached to the door as you please, creating a unique and attractive way to organise items inside effectively.

ProFresh Quality

Give your food the perfect place with ProFresh fridge freezers. Specially-designed drawers provide the optimal environment for lasting freshness and flavour - whether you are storing fruit or vegetables. Additionally, ProFresh Plus models include a special cooler compartment that operates at a near 0°C temperature - the best level to store meats at. This enables you to store meats for up to 3 days longer than conventional fridge storage.

Expert Cleaning from AEG

Each aspect of an AEG ProClean dishwasher has been carefully designed to optimise how your tableware and glassware is cleaned. Enhanced spray arms, interior design and organisation options give you a flexible and user-friendly dishwasher that will leave dishes sparkling.

Satellite Spray Arms

The unique spray arm design in AEG dishwashers is capable of reaching the whole interior, ensuring that every item is equally cleaned. Even a fully-loaded dishwasher will still deliver superb results, so you can make the most of the space available. Better yet, AEG ProClean™ dishwashers are so effective that you don't need to worry about pre-washing dishes.

Efficient Water Usage

The WaterSave system is one of the most efficient systems on the market, saving plenty of water and energy per cycle without affecting performance. A portion of water is saved in a storage tank mid-cycle, which is then used in pre-wash phases of the next cycle - water usage is lowered and you still get excellent cleaning.

Wash More with Less

XXL capacity interiors give you more space to fit all the dirty dishes - up to 15 place settings can be loaded per wash in certain models. This means you can fit large cookware in with ease, or simply just fill up with plates from a large dinner party the night before - however you make use of the space to hand, you can be sure of the best cleaning regardless.

Creativity Meets Technology for Precision Cooking

Made for even the most discerning chef, AEG cookers are equipped with a range of features to bring out the best in your cooking. Thanks to the addition of these handy bits of tech, you can bring out your inner culinarian and craft beautiful dishes with ease.

Food Probe

Models equipped with an integrated food probe are perfect for anyone who enjoys a perfectly cooked steak. The probe monitors the temperature of the centre of your meat dish, switching the cooker off when the pre-set temperature is reached. This means you get guaranteed results time and time again, all without added effort.

ThermicAir Cooking

AEG cookers using ThermicAir technology enjoy optimised heat circulation and temperature control, ensuring food is cooked thoroughly and evenly throughout. This means you can cook at lower temperatures and still get excellent results.

AEG Cooker Capacity

Large Capacity

Multiple shelves and larger interiors allow you to cook more at once with select AEG cookers. Make the most of the space to prepare more food - without all the extra hassle. Cookers with multiple cavities give you additional flexibility when preparing meals too, giving you freedom to cook your way.

Built In Beauty by AEG

Effortlessly stylish and full of features, AEG ovens are the perfect addition to a modern kitchen. With incredible steam cooking, multifunction options and self-cleaning programmes, you can enjoy state-of-the-art cooking in the comfort of your home.

Steam Cooking

Lock in the full array of flavours in your favourite dishes with steam cooking programmes - available on select ovens. Cooking with steam not only cooks with more efficiency in comparison to conventional methods but also brings out better results, maintaining moisture and flavour that can often get lost.

AEG Oven Step-1 Pour 100ml of water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven

Step 1
Pour 100ml of water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven.

AEG Oven Step-2 Select the SteamBake programme and press the SteamBake button

Step 2
Select the SteamBake programme and press the SteamBake button.

AEG Oven Step-3 Let the oven preheat for 5 minutes and then enjoy your delicious bake

Step 3
Let the oven preheat for 5 minutes and then enjoy your delicious bake.

Multifunction Brilliance

Just because there is one cavity doesn't mean you can't cook with utter precision. AEG multifunction ovens offer a range of difficult cooking programmes - each setting uses different heating methods to cook food just how you like it.

Safer Kitchen

As the pan is heated directly, the cooking surface of an induction hob remains cool. This is not only much safer than a hot cooking surface but means that any food that falls isn't burnt on to the hob itself - less cleaning required.


The very best in hob technology, induction cooking is quicker, safer and more flexible than gas or electric methods. Heat is applied directly to the base of the pan instead of heating the cooking surface first, meaning that pans rise to the desired temperature quicker and more accurately than other methods.

Gas & Ceramic Hobs

AEG also create a spectacular range of gas and ceramic hobs, perfect for anyone looking for either a more traditional method of gas cooking or anyone looking for an affordable and stylish ceramic hob for their kitchen.

AEG Easy Cleaning Ceramic Hobs

Easy Cleaning

Food won't be burnt on, thanks to the cool cooking surface, and the frameless design means that you can wipe away any food or grime with complete ease. It couldn't be easier to keep your AEG induction hob looking as good as new.

Powerful and Quiet

With so much time spent in the kitchen, we want to make sure it is a great place to be. Cooking smells can often sour the mood, so a quality cooker hood is a must to ensure your kitchen remains smelling great.

Quiet Peformance

While it is important to have plenty of power when extracting odours from your kitchen, a noisy hood can be just as bothersome as the smell you are removing AEG uses a 3-phase motor that focuses on providing maximum power with minimum noise generation.

Powerful Extraction

Pull out odours in the air from cooking using an AEG hood. Flexible extraction rates allow you to scale performance to the strength of the odour that needs removing, whilst the maximum extraction rate is enough to get rid of the most stubborn smells.


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