Young girl gaming in front of gaming TV

The Best Gaming TVs of 2021

For the first time in history, games are driving the TV agenda - making 2021, and the years to follow, the most exciting time for new TV launches. Numerous TVs now have ultra-sharp 4K picture quality with multiple features that make them perfect for gaming. But what features should you look out for when shopping for the best gaming TVs?

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Hisense's 100 inch Laser TV is a show-stopper on display

We've put a unique 4K Laser TV on a big stage with this 100 inch Hisense television now a part of the Marks Electrical showroom.

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The AEG 7000 Series of washing machines review

The AEG 7000 Series of washing machines cut down on creases through ProSteam technology. Here's what we think of the range after taking a closer look.

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Samsung's Quantum Processor - the 4K and 8K effect

The upscaling properties of Samsung's Quantum Processor is an ideal tool for a 4K and 8K viewing experience. Here's why that will be so important.

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Samsung HW-K950 Wireless Soundbar Review

We put the much-anticipated Samsung HW-K950 through its paces to see if it's as good as it sounds.

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Pizza and ingredients

The Self-Cleaning Dream: Zanussi ZOP37962XA Pyrolytic Oven Review

We put Zanussi's ZOP37962XA pyrolytic oven through its paces to see if self-cleaning really does what it says on the tin.

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Miele Blackboard scene with child

Communicative Cooling: Miele KFN29233Dbb Blackboard Review

We review the Miele KFN29233Dbb Blackboard fridge freezer to see if refrigeration really can be fun.

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Samsung UE49KU6400

Samsung UE49KU6400 Ultra HD Television Review

We put the new Samsung UE49KU6400 through its paces to see whether it can take the midrange crown.

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The ME Connect Samsung AddWash Review

We review the new Samsung AddWash range of washing machines at ME Connect.

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Best Wine Coolers: A Review

Best wine coolers: choose the best wine cooler for you with this review, offering guidance through a range of brands and prices.

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