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Price match

Price Match Promise

We'll match the price of an appliance

Our prices are rarely beaten, but we will match a price if you find it cheaper elsewhere online.

We'll even match sale prices!

Call us on 0116 2 515 515 with the product code, the competitor you want us to match and their price. We'll verify the price for you and, if all's well and good, we'll match it and place your order.

We'll price match against...

  • Currys
  • John Lewis
  • Appliances Direct


Terms of Price Match
  • The product must be identical and brand new
  • We must be able to verify the competitor's price online
  • The item must be in stock, both with us and the competitor
  • Price match includes any delivery charges
  • Price match claims must be made before you buy
  • Price match does not include use of voucher codes, cashback offers or extra discounts
  • Other price matches may be considered at our discretion.

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