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Belling Range Cookers

A range cooker is the prized tool of any chef, with every tool you could need to create incredible dishes. Belling has a long-standing tradition of designing elegant, reliable range cookers that will become the heart of any kitchen.

The Colour Boutique collection adds some edge for those looking for a modern look. Six dashing colours are combined with the tried and tested features that many have come to expect from Belling, giving you that creative nudge to get cooking.

Belling Dual Fuel Range Cookers
Dual Fuel

The best of both worlds - gas-powered precision and intuitive electric-cooking; a dual fuel cooker has it all. This is the perfect choice for a versatile chef who wants to make a wide variety of meals.

Belling Ceramic Range Cookers

Electric cooking offers a reliable way to get great results time and again. Electric cookers often produce even temperatures inside the cavity, helping to ensure accuracy at all times.

Belling Cookers

Designed to resemble Belling range cookers, this range of freestanding cookers offer plenty of cooking prowess in a considerate form factor, allowing you to really get creative - even in a space-conscious kitchen.

Two cavities and an integrated hob ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to create incredible culinary delights.

Belling Gas Cookers

Cheaper to run than electric cookers, the Belling range of gas cookers come with a range of modern features that complement the traditional fuel type. Gas cooking is incredibly efficient and offers superior temperature control over other fuel types.

Belling Dual Fuel Cookers
Dual Fuel

Belling's dual fuel cookers offer plenty of benefits over the other fuel types. If you're lucky enough to have easy access to both an electric and gas supply in your kitchen, then a dual fuel cooker has to be a consideration for you. With responsive gas hobs and a fan-assisted electric oven, Belling's dual fuel cookers are a formidable force in terms of thorough cooking power.

Belling Electric Cookers

Electric cookers are one of the most popular fuel types Belling offers. A lot of people are more comfortable with electricity, despite gas being cheaper to run. One key reason is that a reliable, consistent electric supply is more common than gas in many households.

Belling Ovens

Belling produces a beautiful range of built-in ovens to cater for every taste; whether it's traditional-style or contemporary edge. These built-in ovens include single, double and built-under models with a common theme throughout; every model resonates with all the British expertise and charm that Belling is famous for.

Single Ovens

Single ovens provide your kitchen with a modern space to cook delicious cuisine with, whilst championing style with the elegant built-in design. A number of superb features make Belling ovens every bit as accomplished as any cooker.

Built-under Ovens

Belling's built-under ovens are pure British innovation. With two energy efficient oven cavities, built-under ovens are designed to fit beneath your counter top. The range comes in three very adaptable colour finishes, including stainless steel, black and white.

Double Ovens

Belling double ovens are manufactured to the highest of standards and offer you plenty of cooking space and flexibility, making them a great option for the busy family kitchen.

Belling Hobs

Pick a Belling hob and you have the perfect accompaniment to your built-in oven with a choice of electric, gas or cutting-edge induction cooking. Whichever you prefer, the built-in design of all Belling hobs ensures a premium quality look.

This diverse collection includes a variety of styles and fuel types, along with a wide selection of styles and colours to choose from. Find the perfect cooking companion in a Belling hob.

Belling Gas Hobs

Belling gas hobs come in a range of styles, with multiple burners and sturdy pan supports. The benefits of gas ensure efficient performance with precise control over each burner temperature. All Belling gas hobs come with safety features to give you additional peace of mind.

Belling Induction Hobs

Induction hobs use sophisticated electromagnets to transfer heat directly to the base of the pan, as opposed to heating the burner itself, resulting in unmatched efficiency and performance. Better yet, the Belling range of induction hobs looks effortlessly sleek to give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

Belling Ceramic Hobs

The British-based firm offers a wide variety of modern ceramic hobs. Belling's ceramic hobs are easy to clean, quick to heat and are supremely stylish - the black ceramic glass will look superb in any contemporary kitchen.

Belling Cookers Hoods

Cooker hoods are important for providing air extraction/re-circulation, and generally finishing off the look of your kitchen's cooker. Marks Electrical has a big selection of Belling cooker hoods that perfectly complement the Belling range and freestanding cookers across five distinct sizes - 60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.

Belling Cooker Hoods

Chimney Hoods

This collection of chimney hoods, in a raft of intriguing designs, is perfect for sitting atop your range cooker or freestanding cooker, creating the ideal set-up for any home. Whether you prefer a contemporary feel or a more rustic look, these versatile chimney hoods will look the part.

Belling Refrigeration

More than just a cooking expert, Belling has a superb range of integrated refrigeration appliances for your home. Designed to deliver superior cooling at the best efficiency, all Belling refrigeration carry the same great quality manufacturing as their highly-regarding cooking range.

Belling Fridge Freezers
Fridge Freezers

Available in 70/30 or 50/50 splits, these large capacity fridge freezers are everything a family needs to keep a full stock of all the favourites. All Belling fridge freezers are efficient and cool expertly.

Select Belling fridge freezers and also enjoy their Frost Free performance, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Belling Fridges

Our range of Belling fridges comes in either built-under or built-in configurations, giving you the choice of where and how you want to place it in your home. The discreet nature of integrated appliances ensures you get no-fuss cooling that won't change your home décor.

Spacious capacity and all the necessities for the modern home are included in every Belling fridge.

Belling Freezers

Bring an integrated freezer from Belling into your home and enjoy quality freezing at an affordable price. Choose from built-under or built-in models and benefit from the reversible door and adjustable feet, giving you more options when installing into your home.

Belling Logo

Belling has over 100 years of expertise in creating the ultimate kitchen companions, with every single appliance design to be 'Behind Every Great Meal'. The esteemed British manufacturer has continued to innovate over the years, bringing enticing style with tried and tested functionality.

Employing over 1000 employees in the UK, Belling is the only major kitchen appliance company still manufacturing range cookers, built-in ovens and hobs directly in the UK. Furthermore, these British-made appliances are distributed internationally; in recognition of its sales of British-made products overseas, Belling was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise 2012.

Marks Electrical is proud to be a Belling partner, offering a massive selection of this unique British brand at the very best prices.

Made in Britain
The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2012


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