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Bosch's PerfectDry dishwasher is the very latest innovation on the dishwasher market. By using energy-saving natural minerals that heat up when they come into contact with moisture, even plastics are left as perfectly dry as they are clean. So how does it work?

After carrying out a poll online ascertaining what customers would like to see improve in Bosch dishwashers, it was clear from the results that people wanted a better dry finish - so Bosch set to work to achieve the elusive 'perfect dry'. Their new range of dishwashers implements their unique Zeolith technology; by using natural minerals that heat up when in contact with moisture, the dishwasher absorbs humidity and transforms it into warm air, evenly distributing it across the interior via their 3D Air Flow system to accomplish a truly spotless dry. Anything from plates and pans to glasses and Tupperware is left cupboard-ready, no tea towel necessary. Click here to view our full range of PerfectDry dishwashers.

Bosch - Appliances

Bosch promotions at Marks Electrical

Bosch at Marks Electrical

Here at Marks Electrical, we're proud of our long-standing partnership with Bosch; the great relationship we have enables us to deliver the very best prices, latest products and widest choice of appliances. As well as our great range online, we always have exclusive Bosch offers available at our Leicester showroom.

About Bosch

Whether it's a full kitchen refurbishment or an emergency kettle replacement, Bosch is sure to have something to suit your style, needs and budget. With everything from washing machines to vacuum cleaners on offer and a great reputation to boot, a Bosch appliance is a home investment.

For enquiries about our full range of Bosch appliances, pop in to our showroom or contact our Sales team on

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Bosch Laundry Information

Bosch has an excellent reputation when it comes to laundry appliances, and deservedly so. From affordable smaller-capacity models perfect for the compact home to premium washing machines loaded with cutting-edge features, Bosch's laundry range caters to all budgets with the same great value.

Besides offering convenience and exceptional functionality, Bosch aims to be as eco-conscious as possible with their laundry appliances. Many of their washing machines boast an outstanding A+++ energy rating while their selection of washer dryers and tumble dryers are industry-leading in efficiency. VarioPerfect technology (included in Serie range washing machines) lets you choose between economy or speed and, with the innovative i-DOS™ function precisely dosing liquid detergents, premium care helps your clothes stand the test of time.



Bosch Dishwasher Information

Invest in the ultimate kitchen convenience with a Bosch dishwasher. A choice of freestanding or built in models ensures all home set-ups are considered while ergonomic design and large-capacity baskets deliver maximum functionality at exceptional prices.

Efficiency is paramount to Bosch; many of their dishwashers boast an excellent A+++ energy rating while ActiveWater technology optimises water usage through precisely assessing the load, using only the necessary amount to achieve premium results. Save on detergent with the handy DosageAssist function, administering detergent at precise moments in the programme for maximum effectivity, while Bosch's EcoSilence Drive is beautifully economical and - most importantly - quiet.


Ovens & Hobs

Bosch Ovens & Hobs Information

A Bosch oven makes daily cooking more enjoyable. Sleek built-in ovens are surprisingly commodious, able to easily accommodate a roast, while lending to your kitchen a beautifully modern look. A choice of electric and steam ovens ensures all tastes and culinary abilities are catered for.

Bosch's selection of hobs offers the ideal countertop cooking solution for all homes. Opt for cutting-edge induction technology for an efficient alternative, choose ceramic for easy cleaning or go for tried-and-tested gas, offering rapid-response heat and perfectly precise temperatures. All hobs are thoroughly contemporary in looks and excellent in quality.



Bosch Refrigeration Information

Bosch's range of refrigeration spans from mammoth American fridge freezers to compact built in under counter units, catering to all kitchen sizes. Intelligent functions, flexible storage and covetable design make Bosch refrigeration a real investment, but it's their affordable prices that set them apart.

Create a streamlined kitchen with built-in cooling, presenting an excellent storage solution for the smaller home, or opt for a sleek frost free fridge freezer to make a real statement. Many models include SuperFreeze and SuperCool functions that reduce the temperature of the freezer and fridge compartments to lock in food freshness. Flexible shelving and large drawers can easily accommodate bulky items with a little customisation and, with models featuring built in ice and water dispensers, digital displays and humidity control, you can enjoy premium refrigeration without the price tag.


Small Appliances

Bosch Small Appliances Information

Despite their name, small appliances are an intrinsic part of your kitchen. Whether it's a trusty kettle or the food processor you just can't live without, invest in Bosch.

Besides everyday kitchen essentials, Bosch's small appliances offer a great range of features that make your morning routine a little easier. 4-slot toasters streamline breakfast preparation for the whole family while affordable steam irons - complete with an anti-shine programme and 3-level steam regulation - get you work-ready in a matter of minutes. All Bosch small appliances are designed to sit pretty in your home, offering a contemporary touch while delivering excellent functionality.


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