Candy: 70 years

With over 70 years of experience manufacturing high-quality appliances, Candy is well-recognised for their devotion to design and function - all with a consideration for the consumer in mind. The Italian influence can be clearly seen in every Candy appliance, with sleek curves and stylish finishes as standard.

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As the original manufacturers of the first all-Italian washing machine, Candy has continued to develop superb laundry appliances for the home. With a strong understanding of what's required by today's family, all Candy appliances come with the latest features and technologies to ensure lasting performance.

With a range of styles and price levels available to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect Candy for your home - with over 70 years of Italian quality behind it.

Explore our range of washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers.


No matter what you're looking for, from the humble larder fridge to a premium American-style fridge freezer, the Candy refrigeration range will have something for you.

Candy refrigeration comes in all manner of sizes and capacities, along with freestanding and integrated options; each boasts efficient, reliable performance at all times. You can even add that extra dash of class to your home with an elegant wine cooler - spacious capacities and premium LED lighting lets you store your favourite wine in style.

Discover Candy refrigeration, including freezers, fridge freezers and wine coolers.


High-quality Candy fully integrated dishwashers are a dream for any kitchen with a strong decor theme. Fully integrated models show no part of the dishwasher while the door is closed, keeping the existing aesthetic perfectly intact.

Slimline dishwashers take this further by fitting into much smaller spaces in your home, ensuring that even in a space-conscious kitchen you can enjoy superbly cleaned dishes from Candy.

Find the right dishwasher for you, whether it's fully integrated


Sleek built-in ovens from Candy give you the freedom to get truly creative in the kitchen. The built-in design looks stunning in any contemporary setting, whilst the number of fascia styles available help to give you ultimate control over your home decor.

Of course, you can expect stellar cooking performance from every Candy oven - both electric and gas ovens are equipped with the latest features, cooking functions and spacious cavities to make cooking grand meals a reality.

Get an electric or gas oven in a number of styles.


Complete your built-in kitchen with a sleek hob from Candy. With a number of fuel types and styles available, including ceramic, gas and induction, you'll have no trouble finding the right hob for you.

You might like a frameless design using a black glass surface - easy to clean and incredibly stylish, or alternatively a more traditional gas hob with stainless steel finish - accurate temperature control and traditional style. No matter which you prefer, you can be confident that each Candy hob is made to exacting standards.

Explore built-in hobs, across gas, induction.


Candy cooker hoods come in a range of styles to suit your home. The classic chimney hood offers a traditional design that will blend with any cooker or oven, whilst the integrated hood is perfect for discrete performance when you need it most.

Hoods can be installed to either recirculate air, using charcoal filters to extract the odour, or to extract air, pulling odours from the room and depositing them outside. Recirculation is easy to install but requires periodic changes of filters, whilst extraction must be installed with external ducting, but offers superior removal of kitchen smells.

View our range of traditional hoods.

The Candy Company

Candy continues to move from strength to strength, creating new ranges with the latest technological advancements; manufacturing plants all over the world mark them as a truly international brand. With a particular investment in built-in and integrated appliances, you benefit from the level of expertise this esteemed brand exhibits.


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