Hotpoint's products are full of innovation and we are proud to be their partners. Affordable and full of time-saving features you'll love, it's no wonder that a Hotpoint appliance is sold every 19 seconds in the UK alone. Our extensive range of Hotpoint appliances enables you to craft your very own Hotpoint kitchen. Built with your convenience in mind, a Hotpoint home is a happy home. Hotpoint was formed in 1911 and is named after the first electric iron made in 1905. Entering the British market in 1920, Hotpoint has continued to grow into the household brand it is today - 2 out of 3 homes in the UK have a Hotpoint appliance, which is a testament to the quality of this renowned brand.


hotpoint Laundry

With Hotpoint's washers and dryers, garments can be cleaned and dried in the most efficient way. These laundry appliances are packed with intelligent features to nurture fabrics and keep colours safe. A lot of Hotpoint's washing machines use Direct Injection technology, guaranteed to remove 100s of stains at a low temperature.


hotpoint Dishwashers

Thanks to Hotpoint's selection of dishwashers, you will never have to wash dishes by hand again. With a choice of specialist features, cleaning kitchenware has never been easier. Choose from a full size, slimline or integrated appliance and get perfect results while only using the water and energy that is required for each cycle.


hotpoint Jamier Oliver cooking

Discover an incredible range of fridges, freezers and fridge freezers from Hotpoint. This collection includes a variety of freestanding and integrated models, as well as different styles and sizes to suit your kitchen layout.



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