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Explore the world of LG, right here at Marks Electrical. Driven by technology, LG products deliver cutting edge features and smart design. Whether you are after a new washing machine or a premium 4K Ultra HD TV, you can be confident in LG quality.

About LG

Founded in 1958, LG has grown to become one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Their passion for creating innovative appliances that enrich the home has never been stronger and the 'Life's Good' slogan is a perfect representation of the brand.

LG create products across a range of categories, including laundry, refrigeration and cooking. Of course, many will know the name LG from their pioneering Audio Visual products. Full of technological advancements, any home with an LG will be rewarded with reliable, quality results. Marks Electrical is proud to be an approved stockist of LG products - all at the best prices.

LG Washing Machines & Dryers

LG laundry appliances all feature robust, sleek design. Each product is equipped with the latest advances in technology to ensure outstanding performance and unmatched usability. LG's expertise will help to make the laundry process that bit easier.

LG 6 Motion Direct Drive

LG's 6 Motion Direct Drive appliances give you more control over your laundry needs. Featuring the advanced 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive system, washing is achieved with greater efficiency and care, making it perfect for handling delicate or valuable fabric loads.

Explore the 6 Motion Washing Machine Range »


LG Tumble Motion

Standard washing machine motion.


LG Swing Motion

The gentle swinging motion washes below the water line for a softer clean.


LG Scrub Motion

The figure-8 motion creates a base of water, which moves laundry through for intensive cleaning.


LG Filtration

This motion soaks laundry quickly and evenly to maximise cleaning results.


LG Rolling Motion

Laundry is rolled below the water level, increasing friction for a deeper clean.


LG Stepping Motion

Reduces creasing by start and stop rotations, keeping laundry from repetitive motion or settling.

LG Refrigeration

Whether you want a Luxury American-style refrigerator or a quality fridge freezer, LG has a number of models to suit your needs. Superb cooling features ensure your food is well-stored at all times, whilst the great energy efficiency rating is a sign that LG refrigeration has been considerately designed to protect the environment.

Linear Compressor

The Linear Compressor, found in all LG refrigeration appliances, has been completely redesigned from the conventional compressors you would normally find in a refrigerator. There is only 1 point of friction in the compressor, boosting performance, energy efficiency and reducing noise generation by a huge amount. Of course, the fewer moving parts and lowered friction also increases reliability too, backed by LG's 10-year warranty on the Linear Compressor.

LG Linear Compressor: 10 year warranty
LG Linear Compressor

LG LED Lighting

LED Lighting Explained

Exquisite LED lighting in all LG refrigerators ensures that no part of the fridge interior is left in darkness. The evenly spread light is neutral and bright, providing a clear view of contents inside - perfect for ensuring a big shop of food doesn't block your light, plunging your fridge into darkness.

LED lighting also benefits from being more efficient than a conventional light bulb, reducing running costs and helping the environment with improved energy efficiency.


LG Dishwashers

LG's range of stylish dishwashers come with a collection of superb features. Whether you're looking to bring the power of steam cleaning into your home with TrueSteam™, want reliable cleaning with the Direct Drive system, or seek ease-of-use with the SmartRack interior, an LG dishwasher has everything you need to get sparkling results.

LG TrueSteam

Wash with confidence, backed by the power of TrueSteam™ technology. A perfect balance of power and subtlety - TrueSteam™ won't damage, scratch or smear fragile items, whilst still removing the most stubborn of baked-on stains and dirt.

LG TrueSteam
Explore the LG TrueSteam Dishwasher Range »

Dual steam spray: Dual steam spray allows for dishes, crockery and glassware to be washed in a single steam cycle

Gently removes stains and grime - there's no need for initial rinsing

LG Audio Visual

LG has a long-standing reputation for creating the very best visual and audio technology, consistently pushing for the next leap in quality. From the incredible OLED televisions, that deliver true-to-life blacks and unparalleled image quality, to the fully-featured home cinema systems, which put you in the heart of the action, LG has crafted the perfect range of products to entertain.

LG webOS: Make TV Simple Again

This award-winning service completely changes the way you interact with your television. It's efficient and intuitive, bringing together all your favourite catch-up TV, Movies, Sport & Music services in one place. Whatever you want to watch, find, launch, or play, it's simple with a user-friendly webOS Smart TV. Of course, LG has taken it a step further, designing the Magic Remote to allow you to navigate even quicker and easier.

LG Television

Simple Connection

The webOS setup will walk you through every part of the system in an engaging way, so you can access entertainment outside your TV quickly and intuitively.

Simple Switching

Smart TV features are now amazingly convenient to access, even in the middle of a TV show. Say goodbye to complicated interfaces - with webOS, you can switch between content with ease.

Simple Discovery

Find the content you want to watch with complete simplicity, whether live TV or on-demand. The webOS search and recommendation functions help you locate what you want right away.

LG On demand content from top providers: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify,
										BBC iPlayer and more


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