Open up new possibilites with Siemens ovens. Bringing state-of-the-art technology straight to your kitchen, cooking will be effortless. Cutting down your workload, Siemens electric ovens offer activeClean automatic self-cleaning and cookControl Plus providing setting recommendations to cook each dish. Spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy delicious meals cooked to perfection every day, taking the stress out of dinner.

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Energy-efficient yet stylish, Siemens laundry appliances offer a sleek appearance with advanced technology. Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, performance is never compromised. VarioSpeed detects where wash time can be saved using forward thinking sensors analysing load volume and textiles. Innovative by nature, you will save time and money with Siemens washing machines.

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Store your food and drinks with intelligence. Keeping your food fresher for longer. Siemens refrigerators will provide the right conditions for maintained freshness. Every well-constructed model not only focuses on food, but on looks too striking the perfect balance between technology and asthetics. Browse our selections of Siemens fridge freezers or single units to find the perfect appliance for your home.

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Hate cleaning up after cooking? Browse Siemens best dishwashers available here at Marks Electrical. Every pot and pan will be gleaming without the high energy consumption, slashing the costs of your water bills. The build in iSensoric technology monitors temperature levels along with how dirty your dishes are to clean accordingly without wasting time. Hygienically clean everything from silverware to large dishes with ease thanks to Siemens dishwashers.

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Siemens hobs are seamlessly fitted into your home for a modern and discreet finish. Offering induction Hobs with multi-zonal cooking, you can choose how you want to cook. Flexinduction Plus by Siemens allows you to adjust your work tops flexibly, separating your hob into different heating zones. Innovative and intuitive, daily cooking will be made 10x easier.

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