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SAVE £226  WAS £999
Siemens WM16XMH9GB Washing Machine


SAVE £165.48  WAS £834.48
Siemens SN23HI60CG Dishwasher


SAVE £154.44  WAS £793.44
Siemens iQ300 SN23HW60CG Dishwasher


SAVE £147.08  WAS £766.08
Siemens iQ300 SN23HW60AG Dishwasher

About Siemens

Siemens was formed in 1867, over 160 years ago, by Werner von Siemens. Many innovations led to Siemens establishing themselves as true pioneers of technology, enabling them to flourish into the successful global brand of today that has become a mainstay in homes.

Siemens is comprised of a number of divisions dedicated to various areas of technology, each sporting the same drive and focus. Siemens Home Appliances focuses on advanced technology, innovative design and quality manufacturing processes to ensure that you are getting the very best in any Siemens appliance.

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