Desire the perfect cooker that complements your kitchen, gives you versatile cooking power and the space to prepare even the largest of meals? Stoves has the answer. The flagship collections - Richmond and Sterling - offer a huge amount of choice to suit any home, from a variety of colours, sizes and fuel types. All Stoves range cookers are made in Britain and feature contemporary design and premium quality.


Stoves Richmond range cookers

The Richmond line of cookers is Stoves' largest and most popular and includes a host of exciting finishes to give your home that extra splash of colour.

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Range Cookers


Stoves Richmond mini range cookers

The Richmond Mini range offers the authentic Stoves experience. This collection is available in a vibrant choice of colours such as icy brook, champagne and hot jalapeno in 55cm and 60cm sizes.

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Mini Range Cookers


Stoves Sterling range cookers

The Sterling range is available in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm sizes, the Sterling collection is the perfect choice for anyone wanting contemporary style and refinement.

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Range Cookers


Stoves Sterling mini range cookers

If you want style but are short on kitchen space, the Sterling Mini Range is the ideal choice. Available in fashionably subtle black, white and stainless steel, they'll instantly improve any setting.

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Mini Range Cookers


Stoves' Quad Ovens™ comprise four cavities; Maxi-Grill™ conventional oven, Equiflow™ fan oven, 11 setting multifunction oven, and electric slow cook oven.

Whether you enjoy making family dinners or entertaining friends, this oven provides a flexible space which takes the stress out of cooking.


The two 5Kw PowerWok Plus™ burners work rapidly to deliver intense heat. This is great for cooking quick and healthy stir-fry recipes at home.

And, the heat covers a large area which means that dishes are ready in a short amount of time.


Make sure that every meal you produce is a masterpiece with Steam & Infuse.

This impressive feature is designed to add moisture to your dishes, helping you to prepare food that is full of flavour and cooked evenly.


With the Zeus™ app, you can control the oven timer from your smartphone or tablet.

This means you do not have to be in the kitchen to set the timer or adjust the cooking time.


The spacious Maxi-Grill™ comes with a full-width pan which enables you to get the best use of your cooking area.

It also has telescopic sliders to make it safer and easier to access your food.


If you prefer cooking with gas, you might want to consider choosing a hob with a smooth ceramic glass surface.

They add class and elegance to your kitchen while ensuring that food spills can be cleaned away with ease.

Stoves have an outstanding range of built-in and built-under ovens - an effortless combination of practical engineering and contemporary design. Built-in ovens can be placed at eye level, making them excellent for homes that seek usability and style.

Double Electric Ovens

Stoves Double Electric Ovens

If you enjoy entertaining a large household on a regular basis, then our Stoves double electric built-in ovens are designed for you. Most of these models are available in either stainless steel or black.

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Single Electric Ovens

Stoves Single Electric Ovens

Check out our collection of Stoves single electric built-in ovens and find the perfect one for your kitchen. With a 60cm width, they are ideal if space is tight and will fit seamlessly under your worktop.

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Double Gas Ovens

Stoves Double Gas Ovens

You will be able to handle all your cooking needs with one of Stoves double gas built-in ovens. These ovens provide you with instant control over the temperature and they are also particularly great for roasting.

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Stoves has a quality range of built-in hobs designed and engineered to be part of any kitchen. Whether you're looking for electric, induction or gas fuel types, a Stoves hob will be a perfect choice. Possessing stacks of British style and ingenuity, Stoves hobs represent cutting edge British design and outstanding value.


Stoves Richmond range cookers

We have plenty of Stoves ceramic hobs to choose from, all of which come complete with a sleek ceramic glass finish to complement the style and elegance of any modern kitchen.

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Stoves Richmond mini range cookers

Stoves 5 burner gas hobs provide a generous cooking space, so you can prepare larger meals. And, with the wok burner, you can enjoy making tasty stir-fry recipes.

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Stoves Sterling range cookers

Our 4 burner gas hobs from Stoves are a popular choice. These hobs are affordable and can accommodate different sized pots and pans with ease.

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Stoves Sterling mini range cookers

If you are energy conscious, take a look at Stoves range of induction hobs. They come equipped with a variety of innovative features to help make the whole cooking process speedy and efficient.

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Stoves has a comprehensive collection of chimney hoods in a variety of styles and colours to fit in with Stoves' Richmond and Sterling line-up of cookers.


Stoves Richmond mini range cookers

If you've got a new double range cooker or a single model, the next step is to buy a cooker hood to finish the look. Cooker hoods not only look fabulous but do an integral job of 'extracting' or 're-circulating' the air, ensuring your kitchen or dining area is always a comfortable place to cook and dine in.

When a cooker hood is extracting it is removing air filled with smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen and venting it outside via a ducting arrangement. Re-circulating draws in the air but uses internal filters to cleanse the air, reintroducing it back into the room afterwards. Re-circulating is a good option if space in your kitchen is at a premium and you can't fit a ducting system.

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