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Desire the perfect cooker that complements your kitchen, gives you versatile cooking power and the space to prepare even the largest of meals? Stoves has the answer. The flagship collections - Richmond and Sterling - offer a huge amount of choice to suit any home, from a variety of colours, sizes and fuel types. All Stoves cookers are made in Britain and feature contemporary design and premium quality.

Stoves Richmond 1100EI Hot Jalapeno

The Richmond line of cookers is Stoves' largest and most popular and includes a host of exciting finishes to give your home that extra splash of colour. Fuel types include electric induction, gas and duel fuel, in sizes 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. The classic design will complement any rustic kitchen and become the centre of your cooking adventures.
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Stoves Sterling 900DFT Black

The Richmond Mini range offers the authentic Stoves experience. This collection is available in a vibrant choice of colours such as icy brook, champagne and hot jalapeno in 55cm and 60cm sizes.
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Stoves Richmond 1100EI Black

If you want style but are short on kitchen space, the Sterling Mini Range is the ideal choice. Available in fashionably subtle black, white and stainless steel, they'll instantly improve any setting.
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Stoves Richmond 900DFT Stainless Steel

The Sterling range is available in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm sizes, the Sterling collection is the perfect choice for anyone wanting contemporary style and refinement. With the considered, professional straight lines and subtle finishes, this line-up of range cookers delivers on every level.
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Key Cooker Features

Telescopic Shelves
Shelves can be pulled out on sliding telescopic rollers. This grants you easy access to your food cooking inside the oven while supporting the shelf itself; the smooth motion exemplifies Stoves' engineering excellence.

Fanned Defrost
Defrost frozen foods conveniently and safely thanks to the internal fan, which distributes room temperature air around the food for even defrosting.


Stoves have an outstanding range of built-in and built-under ovens - an effortless combination of practical engineering and contemporary design. Built-in ovens can be placed at eye level, making them excellent for homes that seek usability and style.

Whether you want a gas or electric model, built-in or built-under ovens certainly provide that extra touch of style to a fitted kitchen, all with the trademark Stoves quality that they've become renowned for.

Stoves SEB900MFSE Black

Easy Clean Enamel is specially formulated enamel; this coating makes it more difficult for spills and baked-on food to stick, meaning it's far easier to keep clean.
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Stoves SEB900MFS Silver

Stoves ovens come with an Electric Variable Grill This grill has fully variable temperature control, giving you precise control over raising and lowering the temperature for accurate cooking results.
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Stoves Multi-Cavity Ovens Video

Our ovens feature Halogen Flood Light, a Halogen bulb gives 36% more light than a standard bulb, yet uses over 20% less energy. Halogen offers the perfect illumination so you don't need to open the door to see inside the oven.
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Stoves Ovens Video

Thanks to the considered design of the oven cavity and the powerful, efficient integrated fan, heat is distributed more evenly for an all-round better result.
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Stoves has a quality range of built-in hobs designed and engineered to be part of any kitchen. Whether you're looking for electric, induction or gas fuel types, a Stoves hob will be a perfect choice. Possessing stacks of British style and ingenuity, Stoves hobs represent cutting edge British design and outstanding value.

Stoves SGH600C Black

A Flush Fitting means the hob has been specifically designed to line-up perfectly with the worktop and units you already have in place.
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Stoves SGH700C Black

A Power Boost Allows for additional power output, past the standard maximum, for a set period of time - perfect for bringing water quickly to the boil (induction models only).
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Stoves SGH600E Silver

With a Ceramic Finish the durable, non-stick surface that is easy to wipe clean, meaning that spillages don't burn onto the surface as easily.
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Stoves SEH600CTC Black

The Pan Overheat Sensor means when left unattended for an extended period of time, the hob automatically shuts down before it reaches a dangerous temperature (induction models only).
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Stoves has a comprehensive collection of chimney hoods in a variety of styles to fit in with Stoves' Richmond and Sterling line-up of cookers. Colours include black, stainless steel, red hot jalapeno and more.

Stoves 90cm Richmond Black

If you've got a new double range cooker or a single model, the next step is to buy a cooker hood to finish the look. Cooker hoods not only look fabulous but do an integral job of 'extracting' or 're-circulating' the air, ensuring your kitchen or dining area is always a comfortable place to cook and dine in.
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Stoves S700GDP Silver

When a cooker hood is extracting it is removing air filled with smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen and venting it outside via a ducting arrangement. Re-circulating draws in the air but uses internal filters to cleanse the air, reintroducing it back into the room afterwards. Re-circulating is a good option if space in your kitchen is at a premium and you can't fit a ducting system.
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Made in Britain

Robust British design is the hallmark of a Stoves cooker. Stoves freestanding cookers, built-in ovens, hobs and range cookers are made in their dedicated factory right here in Britain, ensuring only the highest quality reaches your home.

About Us

Traditionally, Stoves has specialised in producing a high-quality collection of cooking appliances that are as versatile for beginners as they are for talented amateurs or professional chefs. Indeed, Stoves has a history that stretches back over 90 years.

Yet over the years, the company has diversified into all corners of the kitchen and utility room, with the famous Stoves badge now sitting proudly on a great range of refrigeration, dishwashers, wine coolers and microwaves.

In 2011, Stoves began the 'Made in Britain' campaign to champion the best of British Industry. The campaign has been so successful that it has evolved into an independent organisation in itself - proof that when Stoves has an idea it executes it with passion and style - just like their quality kitchen appliances.

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