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The UK has been divided into 3 metre squares and each square has its own combination of 3 words. These 3 words provide a unique reference that allow people such as delivery drivers to know exactly where to go to deliver your goods.

Street addresses simply don't allow for this flexibility. Perhaps you want your delivery to the side of your house? Or the back? Or outside your garage? Perhaps you live in a large complex or a rural area that is hard to locate by street address. This is where what3words shines.

For example -

home delivery street

How to use what3words on our website

To find your 3 words, click one of the links below and find a location that suits you. Then you can add them to the what3words address field in your account information now or at checkout when you're ready to order.

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To find your 3 word addresses, download the app now or go direct to their website.

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