3 Hair-Raising Halloween Recipes from Neff

Are you ready for Halloween? We’ve put together 3 hair-raising recipes from Neff to make sure that you have everything you need to make the scary season a success.

Rotten Apples with Dirt and Worms

What could be tastier than baked rotten apples with dirt and worms? Try it for yourself… if you dare!

Neff Rotten Apple Recipe Card

Blood and Guts Sharing Bread

This delicious tomato and pesto bread is perfect for sharing if you are entertaining friends and family this Halloween. Neff Blood and Guts Sharing Bread Recipe Card

Frankenstein Cocktail

If you’re feeling thirsty after those delicious treats, Neff has also created a monstrously moreish Frankenstein cocktail! Simply mix blueberry, blackberry and cranberry juice, Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gin, tonic water, a squeeze of lime, and garnish with rosemary – the perfect treat to help you unwind after any spooktacular occasion. And, remember please drink responsibly!

Do you have any favourite Halloween recipes or are you thinking about baking something spooky with your Neff appliances? Share your recipes below or browse our collection of Neff ovens now.


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