6 Ideas for Disposing of Domestic Appliances

Have you got an old washing machine or television lying around at home? You might want to consider these six ways to dispose of your domestic appliances.

1. Donate Appliances

Any unwanted electricals in working condition can be donated to a charity shop. We recommend checking directly with different charities to see if they accept appliances. By donating your appliances, you can help reduce the amount of waste which goes to landfill.

2. Try Our Recycling Services


We're proud to say we offer a recycling service and have recently had a recycling plant installed in our warehouse. It includes a horizontal and vertical baler, enabling us to recycle one hundred percent of our waste. If you purchase one of our products, there is the option to select whether you would like us to recycle your packaging or electricals at a small cost.

3. Arrange for Used Items to Be Collected

Get in contact with your local council to see if they can collect appliances. They will be able to advise you on the facilities that are available in your local area.

4. Take Old Appliances to a Local Recycling Centre

Recycle Now has a very useful recycling locator which helps you to find where appliances need to be taken.

5. Give Appliances a New Lease of Life

If an appliance is broken, you should get an engineer to inspect it to see if it can be repaired. It might just need a part replacing which could save you some money.

You could also repurpose your old appliances by upcycling them. This means that they can be re-used and do not end up in a landfill.

6. Return Them to Their Manufacturer

The manufacturer usually provides a guarantee on appliances in case they accidentally break down. This may mean that you get a replacement instead of having to buy a brand-new appliance.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help dispose of your electrical appliances, comment below!


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