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7 Kitchen Trends to Keep Your Eye On This Year

Interior design is constantly evolving. What may look good one year, may go out of style the next. Only one thing is guaranteed, which is that the demand for smart technology is only going to grow from here. With its environmentally friendly nature, itís sure to stick around.

The most popular kitchen design trends reflect our previous year stuck inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thereís now an added emphasis on convenience and eco-friendliness as so many were home all day long Ė using up more energy than ever before.

If youíre looking to transform your home, then continue reading below to discover trends that you need to keep your eye on this year!

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1) Wi-Fi Connectivity & Smartphone Integration

The modern era has seen a rise in stylish appliances and contemporary decoration. But itís also seen a rise in the integration of smart devices into the home.

While this isnít necessarily a brand-new invention, Wi-Fi connectivity and the use of smartphones to control appliances is becoming increasingly popular. More and more products created by top brands now feature Wi-Fi connectivity and can be operated via an app on your phone. The majority of 2021 models and onwards will include this feature.

Revolutionising how we control our home appliances; the integration of Wi-Fi connectivity now makes it easier than ever to keep track of whatís happening in your home.

Your phone will now notify you to let you know your washing cycle has finished, the timer on your hob is up, and what temperature your fridge is operating at. Connecting your appliances to these apps often give you a whole new world of guides, tips and tricks and exclusive settings.

2) Surge In Boiling Water Taps

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With many stuck at home, people took to finding more efficient ways to complete daily tasks. As individuals, weíve become accustomed to getting what we need in an instant, so why wait for the kettle to boil too?

Fuelled by more of us working from home, people wanted a quick solution to making tea and coffee quickly in between Zoom meetings. Homeworkers didnít want to wait around for their kettle to boil multiple times a day, nor did they want to waste the energy doing so.

This is where we saw a surge in demand for boiling water taps. They produce boiling water in an instant, making your tea break and mealtimes hassle-free. Many of these boiling water taps produce filtered hot and cold water too.

3) Smart Refrigeration

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Thanks to industry leaders such as Samsung and LG, smart refrigeration has revolutionised the way we store our food.

Now, you can use your refrigerator to browse recipes, leave notes, play music and more. Most smart models have basic functions which send a notification to your phone if the fridge freezer doors have been left open or if your ice is running low. The amount of features you get depends on which brand you go for, and of course how much you're willing to spend.

4) Wine CoolersÖ Obviously

With the pubs closed on and off throughout the year, and the tight restrictions causing us to stay at home, itís no surprise that many decided to install a wine cooler into their home.

Any wine aficionado knows how important it is to store your wine properly and with so many drinking at home, a wine cooler was the go-to product.

Now, with places reopening, many are still purchasing wine coolers as theyíre perfect for hosting. Your wine will be freshly chilled to its optimal temperature and will be instantly ready to pour.

5) Seamless Aesthetics

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The trend for streamlined kitchens is set to reach an all-time high. The contemporary and minimal look is desired by many and itís the most popular choice for homeowners looking to redesign their dťcor.

Integrated appliances are becoming more and more popular by the day and have proven to be highly practical too. If you have a smaller kitchen and want it to look larger, or donít have an extra utility room for your washing machine, integrated models are the way to go.

Without focusing too much on aesthetics, itís important to remember how practical integrated appliances can be. Ovens and microwaves can now be built into a height that suits you - no matter how tall or small you may be. Hobs can now be seamlessly fitted onto your worktops, maintaining clean lines for a sleek finish. This reduces the amount of space being taken up on your countertops as you can now purchase many appliances in a built-in model.

6) Steam Ovens are Moving Full Steam Ahead

Healthy eating is a big part of many lives. This is why many are opting for the power of steam to transform the way they prepare meals.

Steam ovens allow you to cook dishes that retain flavour and nutrients, without compromising on texture and time. The health bonus shines through when you consider that steam cooking often prevents the need for oil.

With many on the health train, steam ovens have become extremely popular and are predicted to be even more widespread in the coming years.

7) Control at Your Fingertips

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Touch controlled appliances have boomed in recent years. Many manufacturers are now curating products that can be fully operated at the tip of your fingers, without the need for bulky control knobs.

Many hobs, dishwashers and more are now fully operable with your fingers alone, making them much easier to clean. This works together with integrated appliances to maintain a streamlined finish throughout your home.

Transforming Your Home

Many of these trends have been popularised from the COVID-19 pandemic, and they wonít be going anywhere anytime soon even after the pandemic has ended.

The rise of smart technology has been transforming homes across the globe with many focusing on ways to reduce their energy consumption.

Many want the convenience of things that can be achieved in an instant Ė as we simply donít have the time to waste. We are so accustomed to getting information within a split second that we no longer want to have to wait longer than necessary. So, what's your next purchase going to be?


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