Crimping the edges of a pie

7 Top Tips for Making the Perfect Pie

Its the end of British Pie Week but there are still a lot of fantastic recipes for pie enthusiasts to enjoy all year round.

Weve put together 7 top tips to help you create a delicious homemade pie whether its sweet or savoury!


1. Keep the Dough Chilled

Throughout the pie making process, it is important to keep the dough at a cool temperature. This will help to hold the pies shape and create a light flaky crust.

2. Avoid Over-Kneading the Mixture

One of the most common mistakes when making a pie is if the dough is handled too much. This will cause it to it become hard to work with.

3. Leave a Vent in the Dough

Before the pie goes into the oven, create a vent with a knife. This will stop the build-up of steam, preventing the base of the pie from being soggy.

4. Be Careful Not to Overfill Your Pie

You might think filling a pie to its brim will make it even more delightful wrong! If you overload a pie with a filling which contains extra liquid, the crust will become wet and it could overflow.

Remember, if you are using fruit and want to use some of the juice, you can add cornflour to make it thicker.

5. Decorate the Crust

Every pie needs decorating! Give your pie a traditional look by crimping the edge with a fork or design the perfect lattice for a delectable finish. Stick on pieces of pastry with egg yolks and use milk to create a nice brown finish.

6. Cover It with Foil

If the top of the pie is brown but the filling is not cooked, cover it with foil to prevent your pie decorations from burning.

7. Wait Until It Has Cooled down Before You Cut into It

Cutting a pie too soon can be disastrous, make sure you wait for it to cool down a little or it could collapse.

Did you make a pie this week? Let us know any tips you would like to add by commenting below, or send us a photo of your best pie creation on Facebook or Twitter.


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