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Communicative Cooling: Miele KFN29233Dbb Blackboard Review

The fridge freezer is without a doubt the hardest-working appliance we have in our homes, yet the ever-innovative Miele has managed to inject a little – or rather, a lot – of fun into their newest offering. The KFN29233Dbb fridge freezer has a wealth of super helpful features but the one I’m particularly impressed with is a little more playful.

Creative in the Kitchen

My own fridge at home is the only disorganised space in the kitchen, covered from top to bottom in shopping lists, memos, magnets (some more tasteful than others) and a plethora of to-dos and must-buys. It’s a place we look multiple times a day and Miele has at once solved a messy domestic irk and transformed a regular appliance into a great talking point. With dedicated pens supplied in various colours to keep it looking clean, the whole family can get involved; encourage the kids to get creative with doodles galore while adults can write their adult concerns (pay the bills, stock up on spinach etc.) as a stand-out reminder. Either way, it adds another expressive dimension to the heart of your home.

Depth of Character

The KFN29233Dbb is just as remarkable inside but in a quieter way – quite literally, thanks to the 38dB Silent system - that surpasses Miele’s already solid reputation for ingenuity. The XL interior maximises the cavity, granting it bona fide TARDIS status thanks to some sly extra depth. Offering 45% more space than equivalent products, it allows ample room for large, bulky items on the fridge shelves (great for popping baking trays in for instant cooling) and noticeably roomier, versatile drawers in the freezer section. The DailyFresh salad crisper drawer can be described (without exaggeration) as enormous, sitting on rollers for complete ease of access, and the ability to juggle an additional smaller CompactCase box around the fridge is incredibly useful. Deep ComfortClean door racks are dishwasher-proof to streamline cleaning and NoFrost technology eradicates the need for the laborious defrosting process. In short, Miele has once again raised the bar for home convenience.

Controlled Environment

With all this clever storage on tap, it’s imperative that the goodies you’ve undoubtedly stuffed your new fridge freezer with are kept impeccable. Once again, Miele has it covered – namely, with the Dynamic cooling system. Besides achieving and maintaining a perfectly distributed temperature, the right humidity levels are crucial for your food preservation; an integrated fan uniformly circulates air for a thoroughly optimised fridge interior while there’s a selection of pre-programmed settings (Party mode, for example) or the option to take full control and choose the humidity levels yourself. DuplexCool helps to regulate temperature further by individually conditioning the fridge and freezer compartments with no air exchange between the areas, ensuring no odours, flavour transfer, or the drying out of food.

Tomorrow’s Food

A new Miele appliance invariably comes with some brilliant tech features. Whilst the KFN29233Dbb isn’t inundated, it does feature a beautiful full-colour touch display. Although this takes a little time to work out (you may find yourself fishing for the manual a couple of times during the first week), menu navigation is easy once you’re there and the functions are all genuinely useful. It also boasts an accompanying smartphone app dubbed Miele@mobile. This isn’t yet available to UK users but looks as promising as you’d expect from the demo, fitting into the idea of a ‘communication-enabled kitchen’ that feels like the future – amongst other things, you’ll be able to adjust temperature and active settings from the palm of your hand which is great for spontaneous get-togethers or fast-chilling drinks.

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The only apparent drawback is the lighting. There are bright, efficient LEDs fitted into the sides of the fridge compartment but if you’re a little vertically challenged – and this is a tall fridge freezer – you may find yourself struggling to see the top shelf. The asking price of £1500 may also put some off but with an astounding A+++ energy rating and the ability to make a generous weekly shop actually last an entire week, you’ll be saving in no time after the initial spend. Aside from the above, the KFN29233Dbb can very much be chalked up as another Miele success. There’s lots to like about this fridge freezer between the innovative outside and the intelligent in, proving it so much more than a novel frontage.


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