Countdown to Black Friday - Five of the best 2019 TV deals now

This is certainly what we could call the business end of the year when it comes to televisions.

Black Friday will be with us on November 29, then it's onto the Christmas and New Year period before 2020 begins, where the January Sales come into force.

There's still a buzz about the 2019 releases from the 'big four' in Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, all of whom are starting to drop their prices.

Advances have certainly been made in the top-of-the range Samsung QLEDs along with the LG, Sony and Panasonic OLEDs, along with plenty of other 4K HDR performers.

The Q950 QLED range are strictly 8K televisions, which have come on leaps and bounds even from their counterpart Q900 series from last year.

LG remain at the high-end of the LCD market, with their Nano Cell technology that now also comes in an 8K version.

Sony and Panasonic have taken LG's OLED panel and played to their own strengths which are, in some ways, an improvement in the opinion of some consumers.

And remember, remember the month of November, so that's when the good offers start to come as these capable sets are reduced, or some with incentives.

Take a look at a five-star show of top tellies below, which are at their cheapest to date. Some of these TVs are really too good to miss.

(All prices and offers are correct at the time of publishing, they are subject to change, so get in while the going is good!)

1, Samsung Q950 55 inch QLED 8K HDR Smart TV with a free Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G phone

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The Samsung QE55Q950RBTXXU 55 inch QLED 8K HDR Smart Television was their smallest set at the resolution when introduced, which was after the initial releases in 2019.

Samsung waited until after the summer before making this TV available to the consumer, who can now purchase an 8K LCD set at the cheapest price to date.

It's by no means a small screen either, at 55 inches, and makes the mind-blowing 4320p resolution, with over 33 million pixels at work, a bit more affordable.

At the time of writing, it was priced at just 2,699 when purchasing through Marks Electrical, which is a fantastic asking figure in itself.

And you really can't go wrong when it comes with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G smartphone, which retails at 1,099 as a standalone buy.

It's claimed by redemption, with claims to be made up to 30 days of the purchase date, by clicking here. All of the Q950 models are eligible, which you can find here.

There's plenty of time to take advantage of this promotion, too, which is set to last until 28 January 2020. Might be worth getting in quick, though, before they have a chance to sell out.

2, Sony KD55AG8BU 55 inch OLED UHD 4K Smart TV

A recent price cut made on this set has brought the cheapest Sony OLED released in 2019 even further down in expenditure.

It wasn't that long ago that this TV was just under 2,000 and then 1,799, but another 500 has been shaved off to now make it 1,299. Buy it now here.

That's about as cheap as you'll get any new OLED, never mind one of the recent releases, and Sony have earned some plaudits for their version of an organic LED screen.

Any OLED negates the need for an LCD system, as they produce their own light and colour, and has one-by-one pixel dimming.

After that, it's what each individual manufacturer brings to the table and Sony have gone for object-based remastering and super bit mapping to sharpen each image.

The main difference between the AG8 and AG9 models is the operating chip, as they use the X1 Extreme and X1 Ultimate processors respectively.

The latter is Sony's most powerful chip to date and is found in the AG9s, but the Extreme alternative found in the AG8s is also quick in real-time and adept at upscaling.

Both contain Acoustic Surface Audio surround sound, where two actuators vibrate behind the screen and move as the elements of the image do, with a couple of sub-woofers for bass.

And the functionality of Sony's OLED TVs guards against image burn-in, by detecting any static image on-screen and moving the source to avoid retention. See them all here.

3, Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55 inch UHD 4K OLED TV

There are cheaper OLEDs out there and 2019 releases, too, as previously mentioned, but it's worth pushing the boat out for Panasonic's version.

They are back in a big way and have developed excellent OLED ranges for this year, such as the Z950 and Z2000 series, which both come in 55 and 65 inch sizes.

The Z2000 range might still be a bit rich for some, with its customised 4K OLED panel and upward-firing speakers, but the skill set does filter down to some lower spec models.

One of these is the smaller of the two Z950 products, which still possesses the Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) Pro Intelligent Processor that has earned rave reviews.

Colour calibration for this hardware came from one of the film world's leading colourists, Stefan Sonnenfeld, who fine-tuned the palette personally.

It's also a THX certified display, so has been the subject of over 400 tests for picture quality which assess colour and tone against screen size and viewing distance.

Add to that high dynamic range formats supported to the highest possible level for home entertainment with both leading sources, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, compatible.

Dolby Vision content can reach a whopping 10,000 nits of brightness with 12-bit colour depth, but HDR10+ is still the standard-bearer for most apps and programming.

Any TV with this sort of set-up will be pushed to its limits to provide pixel quality, so it's a none too shabby alternative. It's had a few quid knocked off, too. Buy it now here.

4, LG OLED55B9PLA 55 inch OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

This is the cheapest 2019 OLED that we have in stock, at the time of writing, and this entry-level television comes at an appealing price.

The crisp OLED panel that is so popular these days is the feature attraction, it's just the casing and the picture and sound handling that might not be quite as impressive.

The siblings to the B9 series - itself a successor to the B8 models from 2018 - are the more premium C9, E9 and W9 models.

But the B9 range are still capable TVs, even if the A7 Intelligent Processor that's the brains of the operation isn't quite as OLED dedicated as the A9 version is.

The A7 chip was considered capable enough to run most of the 2018 OLEDs and is, in itself, an improved version of the M16 hardware from 2017.

High dynamic range is still ably supported to the tune of LG's 4K Cinema HDR multi-format and HLG Pro, so light displays are consistently emulated.

There is a difference between the stands in the C9 and B9, the latter of which has a trapezium shape that doesn't funnel out audio quite as sharply.

Surround sound simulation finds a way around that, though, with can virtually create configurations up to 5.1, which engulfs a room.

There's plenty that's good about the B9 TVs and, if you buy one from now until January 23, you'll also qualify for a cut-price Sky Q package.

LG has teamed up with Sky to offer that incentive, so finding content won't be much of a problem. Purchase this LG B9 OLED from us here.

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5, LG 70UM7100PLA 70 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

You'll be hard-pressed to find an Ultra HD 4K TV of this size, or indeed this product, cheaper anywhere else than at Marks Electrical.

We've made a fantastic discount to this item, in the spirit of Black Friday, which is set to last until we run out of stock.

As massive budget LCD screens, it's certainly not a bad one, with direct backlighting that's sharper than expected and true colour accuracy that's a realistic representation.

An IPS panel ensures wide viewing angles, which captures the merits of in-plane switching by rotating, when impacted by light, to maintain picture clarity.

You'll still find LG's 4K Cinema HDR multi-format on board with dynamic tone mapping, that can match the pace of HDR images.

Audio processing is entrusted to Ultra Surround, which can still create virtual multi-channels through adaptive control, so the latest techniques are present.

The quad core chip has been around for a while now and continues to be used lower down the rung, as it's reliable if not full of flair.

If it's just a solid set that's as big as possible that you're after, you could do far worse. The aforementioned quad core processor is decent at upscaling, too. Buy it here.

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Of course, there are plenty more televisions to choose from at Marks Electrical and new deals to come in the run-up to and past Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive season.

Stay tuned to for our best offers and, before long, you could have some great new additions to your home.


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