Five selling points of a Neff oven

Neff can sense the cook in you and offer the tools to make your culinary aspirations a reality.

Their Slide and Hide N50 oven range has all that you need covered, down to the last detail, with several creations made possible at once.

The end product is only as ever as good as the tools used, which Neff know and are happy to put their products to the test.

Their experiment brought together four very different people, who like their food in a variety of ways. Arnd, Britta, Bruno and Jana did share a common goal, a passion for the kitchen.

But why are the N50 ovens so great? All we need do is point out a few features and you'll see the benefits. Here are five good reasons to answer that question.

1, Slide and Hide

The clue is in the title with this one. Imagine a door that actually slides into the oven and how convenient that can be for cooking.

Thanks to a clever sliding door mechanism, it neatly tucks beneath the oven, so you can get inside without having to reach over hot glass.

The handle to the oven door rotates towards you in a circular motion, for quick and easy access even when it's tucked away.

2, CircoTherm

The whole ethos of CircoTherm is that you can cook, roast and bake on all level, at the same time, without the different flavours getting tangled together.

It's essentially a power boost function, so you can speed up the process whenever you want. Then there's CircoTherm intensive.

That uses a combination of standard CircoTherm, a unique system of forced air cooking, and base heat that produces a crispy underside to all dishes.

3, EasyClean

Cleaning the oven can be a chore, but make that a thing of the past with this function, which uses a mixture of programming and natural design.

Simply the EasyClean cycle and follow the instructions, which will do most of the work for you so you can complete this task thick and fast.

Ceramic spheres are layered onto the interior walls, which get to work by breaking down the food residue that emanates as you cook.

As this absorbs the grease, all that's needed is a simple wipe down and the oven will be looking as good as new, in a matter of minutes.

4, Meat probe

There's nothing quite like a piece of meat that's cooked to order. Get your steak right, for instance, and it's a joy to behold.

Cooking at the right temperature is the key to success so a meat probe, which features on N50 models, is a handy tool.

Simply insert the device into your food and follow the heat, through the digital display, until your food is perfectly succulent.

5, Fan-assisted cooking

An even flow of air can produce excellent results and even defrost food quicker, should that breeze be a cold one.

Fanned grilling, true fan or fan-assisted options ensure that every inch of your ingredients is cooked thoroughly and can work in a similar way to conventional methods.

Heating the top of the oven alone can create a less fierce effect when grilling, which is particularly effective for searing meat and fish.

The true fan process uses warms the air generated for balanced cooking on both shelves, without the two inter-mingling.

The fan-assisted approach operates when the top and bottom only gets hot - much like the conventional method - to blow the heat around the cavity. It's so much faster.

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