GDPR: Protecting Your Data at Marks Electrical

Recently, weve made some subtle changes to our website in-line with the new GDPR laws which came into effect on 25th May. We expect some of you may have already noticed these updates but here are some of the things we have done to ensure that your data is protected!

1.) Choose Your Preferred Contact Method

marks-electrical-contact-option-to-phone-or-email If youd like one of our sales team to try and get you the best deal, you can ask us to email or phone when you give us your contact details at the checkout. These contact details will be held securely and will not be made accessible to anyone else.

2.) Opt-in or Out of Our Mailing List

We make it easy for our customers to subscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list. We would like to reassure you that we will only send emails with news and promotions which are relevant to you. And, its worth knowing that we do not send emails very often.

3.) Extended Warranties

If are thinking about an extended warranty for your new appliance, we can get UK Warranty to send you a no-obligation quote.

4.) Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy which allows you to see exactly what we do with your personal data. It shows how we handle the information that you provide us with when you visit our website.

5.) The Right to Be Forgotten

We are not allowed to erase all customer data because we are required to keep a record of all invoices from the last six years. Article 17 Paragraph 3 (b) of the GDPR allows us to do this. We wont use your details for anything else and will, of course, remove your details from our marketing contacts as soon as you ask us to.

If you have any queries about the changes weve made, please contact our customer service team who will look into any questions that you might have.


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